Online Image Creation Tools

Image Creation Tools
    (Painting & Drawing)
  ABCYa Paint
  Airbrush (at Tate Kids)
  Beautiful Curves
  Build A Bot (at PBS Kids)
  Draw Island
  Draw To (Use Chrome or Firefox)
  Explore Self-Portraits
  Exquisite Forest - Huge Collaborative Project (Use Chrome or Firefox)
  Google Drawings
  Klowds - Find shapes in clouds (Use Chrome or Firefox)
  Nature Sketchpad (at PBS Kids)
  Online Sketch Pad
  Paint Studio (at Culture Street)
  Patatap (Use Keyboard Keys to Create)
  Picasso Head
  Pixiclip (Record and Share Your Drawing)
  Pollock (Use IE or Edge)
  Quick Draw (Drawing Challenge)
  Sketch Toy
  Snow Days (Virtual Paper Snowflake maker)
  Spin (at Tate Kids)
  Street Art (at Tate Kids)
  Symmetry Artist (at Maths is Fun)
  Tate Paint (at Tate Kids)
  This Is Sand
  Vectr (Vector Graphics Tool)
  Weave Silk (Create Symmetrical Images)
  You Made That! (at NY Times)

All-in-one Image Editors and Creators
  SUMO Paint (Use Chrome or Firefox)

3-D Creation Tools
  Blocks CAD
  Build (at Toy Theater)
  Build With Chrome (Virtual Lego)
  Create Education (3D Printing Resources for Primary)
  EverBlock Builder
  Google Blocks
  Isle of Tune (Build a Musical Landscape)
  Now Make This (at Isle of Tune)
  3D Slash
  Use Cubes
  Voxel Builder

Augmented and Virtual Reality Tools
  Co Spaces

  Miscellaneous Image-Making Tools
  Change Faces
  Make A Roman Mosaic
  Design Evo (Logo Maker)
  EMoji Builder
  Favicon Maker (at Somacon)
  Free Logo Maker
  Gombinoscope (Face Generator)
  Google Data Gif Maker
  Graphic Springs (Logo Maker)
  Jewellery Designer (at Culture Street)
  Juxtapose (Image Comparison Tool)
  Lines Chrome Experiment
  Logo Type Maker
  Make Badges (Avatar, Logo and Banner Maker)
  Map Stack - Convert map to image (USA maps only)
  Monoface (Face Generator)
  Rorschmap (Make Art from Google Maps)
  Speech Bubble Generator - Dr. Seuss
  Toony Tool (Single Image Cartoon Maker)
  Webcam Toy (Webcam image capture and editor)
  Words Eye (Type Words to Create Pictures)

Avatar Makers
  Androidify (Android Character Maker)
  Avatar Maker
  Disney Yourself
  Doppel Me (Avatar Maker)
  Family Guy Yourself
  Funko (Design Your Avatar)
  Make Badges (Avatar, Logo and Banner Maker)
  Peanutize Me
  Pick a Face (Avatar Maker)
  Star Wars Avatar
  Superhero Yourself
  Voki (Creates Talking Avatars)

Screenshot Tools
  Print Screenshot
  Szoter (Screenshot and Annotation Tool)

Live Collaborative Boards
  Board 800- Live Collaborative Whiteboard
  Flockdraw - Online Collaborative Drawing
  Limnu - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Notebook Cast
  Real Time Board
  Scribblar - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Sketch Board
  Stoodle (Live Whiteboard with Microphone)
  Web Whiteboard
  Whiteboard Fox

Best Free Non-online Alternative
  NGA Kids Artzone (Download and Installation Reqd.) (Download and Installation Required)

      Also available for iPad
      Also available for Android Tablets

Updated 1 November 2019