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Search Engines
  Google Advanced Search

Children's Search Engines
  Dib Dab Doo And Dilly Too
  Google Safe Search for Kids
  MSN Kids
  Primary Safe Search

An Ghaeilge
  Abair (An Focal Scríofa go Caint Bheo!)
  eDIL (Téigh go dtí Té
  An Foclóir Beag
  Forvo (Gaeilge)
  Google Translate
  Irish Dictionary Online
  Logainm - Bunachar Logainmneacha na hÉireann
  Pota Focal (Foclóirí agus Gluaiseanna Gaeilge)
  Pronunciator (Multi Language)
  Rainn Agus Amhráin
  Seanfhocail (le Audio)
  Songs in Irish
  Teanglann - Leabharlann Teanga agus Foclóireachta
  Vicipéid (Wikipedia trí Ghaeilge)

  Acronyms and Slang

Maths Calculators/Conversion
  Age Calculator (at Maths Cats)
  Calkoo (Set of Advanced Calculators)
  Convert Plus
  Convert World
  Fraction Calculator
  Fractions Calculators (at Calculator Soup)
  Long Division Tool
  Math Tools (at Miniwebtool.Com)
  Mega Converter 2
  Metric Conversions
  Mighty Number
  Online Conversion
  Online Fraction Calculator (at Help With Fractions)
  Random Number Generator
  Talking Calculator (at PBS Kids)
  Temperature Conversion Calculator
  XE - Universal Currency Converter
  Web Math (Solve Your Math Problems)
  Web 2 Calc (Scientific Calculator)
  World Wide Metric Conversion Calculator

Other Calculators/Convertors
  Auction Repair (Pixels to Inches)
  Kids' Carbon Calculator
  Personal Energy Meter (at Nat. Geographic)

English Dictionaries
  Alphabetimals (Animal Dictionary)
  Collins Dictionary
  Define It Fast
  Dictionarist (Talking Dictionary)
  Google (Put Define: before word in Google search)
  Graph Words (Visual Thesaurus)
  Historical Thesaurus of English
  Illustrated Dictionary (at Kids Wordsmyth)
  Kids Wordsmyth (Dictionary & other word tools)
  Little Explorers Dictionary
  Ludwig (Words & Phrases Explained in Context)
  Meaning of Names
  Oxford English Dictionary
  Reverso Synonyms
  Snappy Words (Visual Dictionary)
  Synonyms For
  Visual Dictionary Online
  VocabAhead (Vocabulary Videos)
  Wolfram Alpha
  Word Central
  Word Hippo
  Words Like
  Words Of The World (Words with Video Explanations)
  Your Dictionary

Word Tools
  Academic Word Finder
  Alphabetizer (Alphabetical Ordering Tool)
  Anagram Server (at
  Confusing Words
  Describing Words (Adjective Finder)
  Homonym List
  Lexical Free Net (Word Connections)
  Misused Words (at Daily Writing Tips)
  Newswordy (Explains Words in the News)
  One Look (Wildcard Dictionary Search)
  Online Etymology (The Origin of Words)
  Phrase Finder
  Phrase Up (Half-remembered Phrases)
  Related Words
  Tip Of My Tongue
  Word By Letter
  Word (Word Frequency Analysis)
  Word (Total Word Counter)
  Word Counter Tool
  Word Detective (Word Origins)
  Word Finder
  Word Source
  Words To Time (Speech or Presentation Timer)

Readability Tools
  Analyze My writing
  Jellymetrics Readability Grader
  Juicy Studio Website Reading Level Checker
  Leveled Books (Reading Level Checker for 9000+ books)
  Readability Test Tool
  Wordie (Vocabulary Level Checker)

Rhyming Dictionaries
  RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary
  Rhyming Dictionary (at Writing
  Write Express Rhyming Dicionary
  Write Rhymes

Other Languages/Translation
  BBC Quick Fix (Essential Phrases in 40 Languages)
  Bing Translator
  Entypo (Tiny Pictogram Characters)
  European Language Translator
  Forvo Language Pronunciation
  Google Translate
  EMoji Translate
  Hieroglyphics Translator
  Hieroglyphics Typewriter
  Language Guide
  Lexicool (Directory of Bilingual/Multilingual Dictionaries)
  Microsoft Translator (Translates Conversations in Real Time)
  Nice Translator
  Pronunciator (Multi Language)
  Tradukka Translation

Other Dictionaries
  Illustrated Maths Dictionary
  Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
  Math Dictionary
  Math Glossary of Terms
  Maths Dictionary for Kids
  Musical Dictionary
  Periodic Videos (Every Element Explained)
  Ríomhfhoclóir Matamaitice (ag CCEA)
  Tech Terms Computer Dictionaty

Internet Statistics
  Font Reach (Font Usage on the Web)
  Internet Live Stats
  Internet World Stats
  Irish Internet Statistics (CSO Figures 2014)

Web Site Archives
  Archive Today
  Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

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                  Also available for Android Tablets


  Ancient History Encyclopedia
  Animal Pictures and Facts (at Nat. Geographic)
  Ask About Ireland
  Biographies (at
  Breeds of Livestock
  Cool Kid Facts
  Composers Gallery (at NY Phil Kidzone)
  DK Find Out
  Encyclopaedia Mythica
  Encyclopedic Entries (Science & Geography)
  Energy in the Air
  Every Hit (UK Top 40 Hit Database)
  Explania (Animated Explanations)
  Fact Monster
  Google Arts and Culture
  Instrument Storage Room (at NY Phil Kidzone)
  Irish Coinage
  Music Map (Music Genres and their Origins)
  Pantheon (Famous People)
  Primary Homework Help
  Q-Files (Children's Encyclopaedia)
  Qwiki (Multimedia Encyclopaedia)
  Royal Timeline
  Saints By Name
  Vikidia (for 8 to 13 year olds)
  Wikipedia (Simple English Version)
  World Almanac for Kids
  World Book for Early Years (free for schools)
  World Book for Kids (free for schools)
  World Book for Students (free for schools)
  World Digital Library (10000 Digitised Documents)

  Clic News (News Site for Primary School Children)
  Irish News Archive
  Radio Garden (Worldwide Radio Stations)
  RTE Archives (at Scoilnet)
  Science News for Students
  Today's Front Pages
  Twig Science Reporter (Science News)
  Youngzine (News and More for the Young)

Information Literacy Tools
  Factitious (Real v Fake News)
  Fact or Opinion Interactive (at Smart Tutor) (Use IE)
  How To Evaluate Websites (Kathleen Morris)
  Inspire My Kids
  Mind Over Media
  News Wise (at The Guardian)
  Source Analyser (at Class Tools)
  Tween Tribune (News Stories for Different Reading Levels)

  Brainy Quote
  Famous Quotes and Authors
  Famous Quotes 123
  Quotations By Women
  Quote Garden
  Shakespeare Quotes

  Animals by Continent (at Enchanted Learning)
  Antipode Map
  Atlas of Plucked Instruments
  Beautiful Maps
  Breathing Earth
  Christmas Music Map
  C.I.A. World Factbook
  Climate Action Tracker (Offending Countries)
  Climate Commons (Global Warming Stories across U.S.)
  Climate Hot Map (Global Warming Effects Around The World)
  Comparea (Country Size Comparisons)
  Country At A Glance
  Country Flags Of The World
  Country Guide To Culture, Customs and Etiquette
  Country Reports
  Earth at Night
  Earth Calendar
  Flag Identifier
  Gea Cron (Country Borders since 3000BC)
  Genealogy Map of Irish Surnames
  Geopedia (Map/Wikipedia Mashup)
  Global Forest Change Explorer
  Good Country Map
  Google Arts and Culture
  Google Maps
  Google Maps Distance Calculator
  Google Newspaper Archives
  If It Were My Home (Country Comparisons)
  Instant Google Street View
  Knoema Atlas
  Langscape - Interactive Language Map
  Languages of the World
  Logainm - Placenames Database of Ireland
  Local Lingual - Language and Dialect Map
  Map Fight (Compare Country Sizes)
  Nature Sound Map
  NOAA Global Data Visualisation Tool
  Overlap Maps (Comparison Tool)
  Radiooooo (World Music Time Machine)
  Scribble Maps
  Show World
  Spotzi (Visual Global Stats)
  Stat Planet
  Toponymy (Language Map)
  Travel By Drone
  The True Size (Country Comparison)
  What Tree Is It?
  World ABC
  World Atlas
  World Bank Data
  World Clock (Running Counts)
  World Cup of Everything Else (at WSJ)
  World Flags Database
  World Mapper
  World Population History
  World Population Trenda
  The World's Tallest Buildings (at Emporis)
  WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

  Chinese Horoscopes (at Nat.Geog.Kids)
  Clock Tab
  Time and
  The Time Now
  World Time Engine

Colour Reference Tools
  Color Supply
  Colours in Culture
  The Color Thesaurus
  Itten's 12-part Colour Wheel (Use IE)

Updated: 9 September 2019