Free Chrome Apps and Extensions


Image Editing/Creation Tools
  Clipular (Screen Shot Tool)
  Paint Siomething
  Pixlr Professional
  Polarr (Image Editor)
  SUMO Paint

Image Viewing Tools
  Hover Zoom (Enlarges online images)

Sound Tools
  Audio and Music Editor Online Sweep
  Beautiful Audio Editor

Music Creators

Writing Tools
  Noisli (Ambience tool with word processor)

Writing Support Tools
  Grammarly For Chrome
  Writing Prompt Generator

Reading Support Tools
  Asym (Improves text readability)
  Text Mode (Converts website text to legible plain text)

Text-to-Speech Readers

Voice Recognition Tools
  VoiceIn Voice Typing (Versatile Voice Recognition Tool)

Presentation Tools

Audience Response Tools

Video Makers/Tools
  Loom (Screencast Tool)
  Reclipped (Annotate and share video segments)
  Turn Off The Lights (Dim screen for video viewing)
  Vidyard GoVideo (Video Communication Tool)

Animation Makers
  Stop Motion Animator


Updated 23 January 2018