Multimedia Authoring

Flash Educational Application Types


  Free Form Exploratory Activities
  Create An Animal Farm
  Dolls' House
  Dress Up
  Egg Decorating
  Kindergarten Shapes
  100 Snowballs (at ABCYa)

Structured Exploratory Activities
  Alphabet Explorer

Interactive Reference Tools (with Clicking)
  Maths Dictionary for Kids

Interactive Reference Tools (using Rollovers)
  NY Times Immigration Explorer
  Visual Periodic Table

Interactive Data Visualisations
  Daily Routines of Famous Creative People
  Ireland's Population 1801 to 2021
  USA Age Pyramid

Animated Maps
  The Map As History (Animated History Maps)
  World War 1 - The Western Front 1914-1918
  World War 2 - Operation Compass 1940-1941

Animated Stories
  The Great Race
  I Want My Hat
  The Ugly Duckling
  School Is Cool

Animated Songs and Rhymes
  Are You Sleeping?
  Rólaí Pólaí
  The Wheels On The Bus

Animated Nursery Rhymes
  Jack and Jill
  Little Miss Muffet


Simple Educational Games
  Compound Words
  Oochy's Cube Adventure

Shooting Games
  Soccer Penalties
  Synonym Toast

iSpy Games
  Junior I Spy
  iSpy Game (at Scholastic)

Jigsaw-type Puzzles
  Six Heads

Self-contained Tutorials
  St. Patrick's Journey
  2D and 3D Shapes

Explanatory Movies
  Caterpillar Life Cycle (on YouTube)

Interactive Explanatory Resources
  Hurricane Animations
  Map of the Human Heart

Animated Cartoons with a Message
  Child Labour

Interactive Whiteboard Resources
  Games Coaching Tool
  Irish Counties
  Spatial Relationships

Student Work
  An Breadán Feasa
  The Four Seasons
  Giraffes Can't Dance
  Grace O'Malley
  My Shapes
  The Nativity
  Téimis ag Siopadóireacht
  Wake Up!
  We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Updated 25 February 2019