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  Sample Flash Activities and Games
  Add Like Mad (Use IE)
  Alphabet Explorer
  Animal Farm Game
  Are You Sleeping?
  Banana Hunt
  Become A Forest Expert
  Counties Of ireland
  Cross The Swamp
  Dino Dig (Use IE)
  Flags Of The World
  The Great Race
  Maths Dictionary for Kids
  Picasso Head
  Pollock (Use IE)

Non-Flash Activities and Games
  Addition Blocks
  Tessalation Creator

Flash Viewer for iPad
  Puffin Browser

Activities and Games Directories
  Change Gamer
  Intractive Siites for Education
  Top Marks

Activity Finders


Flash Activity Collections
  ABC Ya!
  BBC Science Clips
  Fun Brain
  Illuminations Interactives Collection
  Knowledge Builder
  Many Online Games
  Math Games
  Music Tech Teacher
  NASA Kids Club
  New York Philharmonic Kids Zone
  Planet Arcade
  Primary Games Arena
  Reading Friend
  Science World Online Games
  Sheppard Software Geography Games
  Smarty Games
  Student Interactives (at Read Write Think)
  Teaching Money
  Vocabulary Can Be Fun
  Water Use It Wisely
  Word Central
  World Geography Games

Updated 21 January 2019