Multimedia Authoring

Flash Practice Exercises



  Task 1   (FLA)
  Man on Layers   (FLA)

Simple Animation
  Shapes   (FLA)
  Dylan   (FLA)
  12345678910   (FLA)
  Rock   (FLA)
  Smooth Rock   (FLA)
  9 Squares 1 Disc   (FLA)
  Melting Snowman   (FLA)
  Apple   (FLA)
  1,2,3,4   (FLA)
  Alphabet   (FLA)
  Target   (FLA)
  Man Approaching   (FLA)
  Blinking Eye   (FLA)
  Frame by Frame Car   (FLA)
  Bouncing Ball   (FLA)

Animation with Motion Tweening

- Motion
  Goodbye   (FLA)
  Sunrise   (FLA)
  Clouds   (FLA)
  Car Bus Race   (FLA)
  Card Suits   (FLA)

- Size (Expand)
  Limerick Nightmare   (FLA)

- Size (Stretch in One Direction)
  Orange Juice   (FLA)

- Colour Tint
  Blush   (FLA)
  Banana   (FLA)

- Transparency
  Disappearing House   (FLA)

- Size and Transparency
  Haunted House   (FLA)

- Motion, Size and Transparency
  2 Boats in a Lake   (FLA)

- Motion with Imported Picture
  Farm Tractor

Actions and Buttons
  Carbus   (FLA)   (Step-by-Step Instructions )
  Dublin Oslo   (FLA)

Tweening and Sounds
  Falling Rocks   (FLA)