Multimedia Authoring

Animation Resources


  Simple Online Animation Programs
  ABCYa Animate (Animated Gif Maker)
  Draw Island
  FlipAnim (Creates flip book animations)
  Flip Book (at Bennetton Play)
  Parapara Animation (Use Firefox)
  Stop Motion Animation (at Toy Theater)
  Stop Frame Animator (at Culture Street)

More Sophisticated Online Animation Programs
  Go Animate (Now called 'Vyond')
  Scratch (Online Version)
  Vyond (formerly Go Animate)
  Wideo (Animation Movie Maker)
  Zimmer Twins (Animated Movie Maker)

Animated Gif Makers
  And Then I Was Like (Make Animated Gifs using Webcam)
  Brush Ninja (Animated Gif Creator)
  Ezgif (Animated Gif Tools for Creation and Editing)
  Gickr (Animated Gif Maker)
  Gif Maker
  Loogix (Animated Gif Maker)
  Loopy (Animated Gif Maker)
  Picasion (Animated Gif Maker)



Animation Software
  Adobe Animate/Creative Cloud
  Open Toonz
  Pencil 2D
  Synfig (Free Animation Program)
  ZU3D (Stop Motion Software)

iPad Animation Apps
  Animation Creator
  Animation Desk
  Animation Express
  Animation Studio
  Do Ink (Animation and Drawing)
  Easy Stop Motion Studio

Animation Principles
  12 Principles of Animation
  Principles of Animation (Youtube video)

Interesting Reading
  On Repeat: How To Use Loops To Explain Everything


Updated 6 February 2019