Multimedia Authoring

Flash Tutorials


  Basic Drawing Tools
  Selecting Objects
  Drawing Straight Lines
  Drawing Shapes
  Using the Pencil Tool
  Using the Paint Brush
  Inserting Text
  Free Transform Tool
  Changing Background Colour

  Other Useful Tools
  (Paint Bucket, Ink Bottle, etc.)

Layers and Frames
  Adding Layers
  Frames and Keyframes

Motion Tweening
  Motion Tweening
  Expanding and Shrinking
  Appearing and Disappearing
  Full Rotation
  Patrial Rotation

  Guide Layer
  Mask Layer
Importing Images
  Importing and Editing Images
  Importing and Editing Animated Images

  Actions - Stop
  Actions - GotoAndPlay
  Adding Full Screen Command

  Creating a Button
  Creating a Button with Text
  Adding Sound to a Button
  Editing a Button
  Editing a Button 2
  Adding a Behaviour to a Button
  Behaviours and Actions
  Creating an Invisible Button
  Using a Button to Load a New Movie
  Editing a Button Behaviour

Sounds and Music
  Adding Sounds and Music
  Stopping Music at a Particular Frame
  Editing Music

Shape Tweening
  Simple Shape Tweening
  Adding Shape Hints
  Using Text in Shape Tweens