Online Video, Animation and Presentation Tools


Video Makers
  Animoto (Makes Videos from Pictures)
  Crossfade (Mix Video and Audio Files)
  Flex Clip
  Flip - Share Ideas with Video (formerly FlipGrid)
  Headliner (Celebrities read your text)
  Masher (Works best with Facebook)
  Panzoid (Video Making and Editing Tools)
  Phideo (Create Video from Photos)
  We Video (Collaborative Video Editing)
  Wideo (Movie Maker)

Video Recorders
  Clip Champ (Record Video with Webcam)

Video Editing
  Clideo (All-in-one Video Tools) (Animated Gif Editor)
  Kapwing (Video Editor)
  Online Video Cutter
  Unscreen - Remove Video Background (not free)
  Video Candy

Video Maker Resources
  Mixkit (Free reusable music and video)

Storyboard Tools
  Storyboard That

Virtual Tour Makers (Map your journey)

YouTube Tools
  Geekersoft Free Video Downloader
  Loopster (Video Editor)
  Nicer Tube (YouTube Videos without Ads)
  Quiet Tube (YouTube without Ads/Comments)
  Safeshare TV (Youtube Video Player)
  Save The Video (Video Downloader) (AI YouTube video summarisation tool)
  Tube Replay (Youtube Repeater)
  Video Converter (Youtube to MP3, MP4, etc.)
  Video Link (Create an ad-free link)
  View Pure (Youtube Video Player)
  Watch Kin (View Youtube videos safely)
  Watch 2Gether (Watch and Discuss a Video with Others)
  YouTube Downloader
  YouTube Transcript
  YT Cropper (You Tube Crop Tool)

Video-making Advice
  Digital Storytelling Resource Bank
  Practical Pointers for YouTube Creators (at Learning in Hand)

Add Captions or Subtitles to Movies
  Memr.TV (Add Subtitles To Movies)

Video Annotation Tools
  Thing Link (Add annotations and links to video)
      Timelinely Example (Luke Kelly)
  Video Ant (sign up reqd.)

Animation Makers
  ABCYa Animate
  Animated Drawings (AI brings children's drawings to life)
  Animate From Audio (at Adobe Express)
  Brush Ninja
  Cloud Stop Motion
  Draw Island
  FlipAnim (Creates flip book animations)
  Go Animate (Now called 'Vyound')
  Monster Mash (Animation Tool)
  Piskel (Animation and Pixel Art Tool)
  Scratch (Online Version)
  Scroobly (Bring a doodle to life)
  Silas (Develop Social Skills by Creating Animations)
  Stop Frame Animator (at Culture Street)
  Stop Motion Studio
  Toony Tool
  Wick Editor (Free Animation Tool)

Speaking Character Creation Tools
  Voki (Creates Talking Avatars)

Animated Gif Makers
  And Then I Was Like (Make Animated Gifs using Webcam)
  Brush Ninja
  Canva Animated Gif Creator (Animated Gif maker and Editor)
  Gickr (Animated Gif Maker)
  GifCap (Create Gif from screen recording) (Create Gif from YouTube Video)
  Google Data Gif Maker
  Img Flip (Animated Gif Maker)
  Loogix (Animated Gif Maker)
  Loopy (Animated Gif Maker)
  Msgif (Converts Text to an Animated Gif)
  Unscreen (Replace Background in Animated Gif

Screen Recording
  Chromatic Vision Simulator
  Screencast-O-Matic (now Screen Pal)
  Screen Pal (formerly Screencast-O-Matic)

Sketch Recording Tools
  Sketchtoy (Draw pic & share link as screencast)

Video Frame Extraction
  Frame Extractor

File Conversion
  Convert Files
  Convert Video To Text File (at Tiny Wow)
  Video Converter (Youtube to MP3, MP4, etc.)

File Size Reduction
  You Compress (Video File Size Reduction Tool)

File Sharing
  Sendvid (Video File Sharing)

Multiple Video Tool Collections
  Free Online Video Tools (at Tiny Wow)

Also available for iPad          
Also available for Android Tablets          
Presentation Tools
  Buncee (Multimedia Presentation Tool)
  E Maze
  Genially (Create Interactive Presentations)
  Haiku Deck
  Loopy (with Animated Graphics)
  Narakeet (Converts Slides to Movie and Text to Voiceover)
  Prezi Video
  Qwikslides (at Classtools)
  Renderforest (Video, Animation and Presentation Maker)
  Simple Show (Presentation Tool)
  Slideator (Record and Share Presentations)
  Slide Bean
  Sway (from Microsoft)
  3D Gallery (at Classtools)
  Words To Time (Speech or Presentation Timer)

Online Learning Management Platforms
  Edlight (View student work)
  Nearpod (Online Teaching & Learning Platform)
  See Saw

Tablet-based Presentation Tools

Slide Templates
  Slidesacademy (Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides)
  Slidesgo (Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides)
  Slidesmania (Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides)

  Cue Prompter (Free Online Teleprompter)
  Speakflow (formerly Teleprompt Me)
  Teleprompt Me (now Speakflow)

Audience Response Tools
  Answer Garden
  Acquainted (Polling and Conversation Tool)
  Bada Boom (Classroom Response System)
  Crowd Buzzer
  Exit Poll (for Interactive Whiteboards)
  Formative (Assessment Tool)
  Go Soap Box (Classroom Response System)
  Kahoot (Classroom Response System)
  Mentimeter (Interact with Your Audience)
  Micropoll (Simple Poll Generator)
  Minipoll (No signup reqd.)
  Plickers (Assessment Tool)
  Poll Deep
  Poll Everywhere
  Poll Maker (Simple Poll Generator)
  Quizalize (Classroom Response System)
  Quizizz (Classroom Response System)
  Riddle (Classroom Response System)
  Slido (Audience Response Tool)
  Vevox (Engage and Interact with Students)
  Yo Teach! (Backchannel App)

Video Conferencing Tools (Group Video Chat)
  Draw Chat (Shared Board with Sound and Video)
  Frame (VR/3D Conferencing Tool)
  Google Meet
  Jitsi (Video Conferencing Tool)
  Jump Chat
  Microsoft Teams (Simple Web Chat)
  Videolink2me (No signup reqd.)

Best Free Non-online Alternatives
      (Download and Installation Required)

  OBS Studio (Video Recording Software)
  Open Toonz (Animation Software)
  Pencil 2D Animation
  Pivot Stickfigure Animator (Animation Software)
  Synfig (Animation Software)

Updated 19 March 2024