Collaborative Online Tools

Collaborative Writing Tools
  Boom Writer
  Google Drive/Google Docs

Live Collaborative Writing Tools
  Meeting Words (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Padlet (formerly 'Wallwisher')
  Pirate Pad (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Primary Pad (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Primary Wall
  Qikpad (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  TitanPad (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Twiddla (Write and Draw Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Wallwisher (now called 'Padlet')

Wiki Tools
  Wiki Spaces

Live Collaborative Boards
  Board 800- Live Collaborative Whiteboard
  Deek It - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Draw It Live
  Flockdraw - Online Collaborative Drawing
  Limnu - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Notebook Cast
  Real Time Board
  Scribblar - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Scriblink - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Skrbl - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Sneffel (Live Simultaneous Collaborative Doodle)
  Stoodle (Live Whiteboard with Microphone)
  Web Whiteboard
  Whiteboard Fox

Collaborative Exploration Tools
  Been Pod (Explore Websites Colaboratively

      Also available for iPad
      Also available for Android Tablets


Online Corkboards/Shared Walls
  Lino It
  Padlet (formerly Wallwisher)
  Primary Wall

Collaborative Music Makers
  Jam With Chrome

Collaborative Video Makers
  We Video (Collaborative Video Editing)

Video Conferencing Tools
  Appear In

Screen Sharing Tools
  Join Me
  Quick Screen Share

Updated: 2 February 2016