Online Resources for Visual Art


Useful Art Sites
  Aunt Annie's Crafts
  Bio Motion Lab Walker
  Clay Through the Ages (at the Hunt Museum)
  Crafts for Kids
  Go On An Art Adventure (at Tate Kids)
  Hands On Crafts for Kids
  Haring Kids Interactive
  I Am An Artist
  Paper City (at Made by
  Pigments through the Ages
  Random Art Prompt Generator for Kids

Art Galleries and Collections
  Artvee (Discover Classical Art)
  Cistine Chapel Virtual Tour
  Global Children's Art Gallery
  Google Artists
  Google Collections (Museums & Galleries)
  Google Arts and Culture
  Google Gigapixels (View Art Masterpieces)
  MET Kids (at Metropolitan Art Gallery)
  Museum Of Online Museums
  Museum of Temporary Art
  Openverse (600 million+ creative works)
  Van Gogh Worldwide
  Vatican Online Museums
  Visit 2+ Million Works of Art (at Open Culture)
  Wiki Art
  Web Gallery of Art

Art Activities and Games
  ABCya! Word Clouds
  Art Colouring Book (at Google Arts & Culture)
  Art Parts (at Tate Kids)
  Brik Build (LEGO-style mosaic design tool)
  Bubbles (at Oimo)
  Build A Bot (at PBS Kids)
  Colour Matching Game (at
  Draw A Stick Man
  Exquisite Forest - Huge Collaborative Project
  Geometrize (Transform images with geometric shapes)
  Klowds - Find shapes in clouds (Use Chrome or Firefox)
  Kotobana (Word Flowers)
  Make A Mosaic
  Make A Roman Mosaic
  Mondrian Fun
  Neave Imagination
  Oimo Interactive Wave
  Oimo Water 3D
  Play Arti (AI Art Tool)
  Polypod (at Mathigon)
  Powder Game
  Puzzle Party (Make collaborative jigsaws)
  Quick Draw (Drawing Challenge)
  Sandspiel (Falling Sand Activity)
  Shapegrams (Draw with shapes)
  Street Art (at Tate Kids)
  Swingaling (at Tate Kids)
  Symmetry Artist (at Maths is Fun)
  Tangram Maker (at Mathigon)
  This Is Sand
  3D Pottery Maker (at Google Arts & Culture)
  Weave Silk (Create Symmetrical Images)
Game and Activity Collections
  ABCYa Art and Music Games
  Artsology (Arts Games for Kids)
  Google Arts & Culture - Get Creative
  Tate Kids
  Toy Theater Art Activities

  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

Reference Tools
  Colours in Culture

Teacher Sites
  Arty Factory (Art Lessons)
  BBC Teach - Art (Ages 5-7)
  BBC Teach - Art (Ages 7-11)


Painting & Drawing Tools
  ABCYa Paint
  Beautiful Curves
  Brush Ninja (Animated Gif Creator)
  Google Drawings
  Make 8-Bit Art (Pixel Image Creator)
  Method Draw (Vector Editor)
  Muro (at Deviant Art)
  Nature Sketchpad (at PBS Kids)
  Online Sketch Pad
  Paint With Music (at Google Arts & Culture)
  Piskel (Animation and Pixel Art Tool)
  Scribble Diffusion (Use AI to convert your sketch to refined image) (Sketchpad)
  Sketch Toy (Don't click on Ads)
  Take A Line For A Walk
  Tate Draw (at Tate Kids)
  Tate Paint (at Tate Kids)
  Vectr (Vector Graphics Tool)
  Words Eye (Type Words to Create Pictures)

Avatar Makers
  Avatar Maker
  Doppel Me (Avatar Maker)
  Funko (Design Your Avatar)
  Voki (Creates Talking Avatars)

3-D Creation Tools
  Blocks CAD
  Build (at Toy Theater)
  Co Spaces (Make AR and VR)
  Create Education (3D Printing Resources for Primary)
  EverBlock Builder
  Google Blocks
  Isle Of Tune (Build a Musical Landscape)
  LEGO Duck Builder
  3D Slash
  Use Cubes
  Vectary (3D Model Creator)

Other Creativity Tools
  Change Faces
  Design Evo (Logo Maker)
  Favicon Maker (at Somacon)
  Google Data Gif Maker
  Graphic Springs (Logo Maker)
  Lines Chrome Experiment
  Logo Type Maker
  Map Stack - Convert map to image (USA maps only)
  Speech Bubble Generator - Dr. Seuss
  Webcam Toy (Webcam image capture and editor)

Updated: 20 March 2023