Online Resources for Drama Education


  The Borrower And The Boy
  How Frog Went To Heaven
  The Little Red Hen
  Three Little Pigs Puppet Show
  Which Shoes Do You Choose?

Drama Ideas/Activities/Lessons
  Creative Drama Lesson Plans (at
  Discovery Of Fire
  Drama Games
  Dramatic Feelings
  Drama Toolkit
  Group Playwriting Project
  Hand Animals
  Improv Games
  Lessons and Resources (at Can Teach)
  Lessons For All Ages
  MacScouter Big Book of Skits
  Painting The Box
  Reader's Theatre Editions (Scripts and Plays)
  Sculpture Gallery (Paired Activity)
  A Tree Grows (A Narrative Pantomime)

  Mime Rhymes

  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)


  Drama Glossary (at TKI Ministry of Education, NZ)
  Glossary of Drama Terms (at KET Education)

Updated: 11 November 2020