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  Online Activity Collections
  ABC Ya - Elementary Computer Games
  Baby First Games
  Digi Puzzle
  Fisher Price Online Games
  Fungooms Baby Toddler Preschool Games
  Fun with Spot
  Happy Clicks
  Intractive Siites for Ed. - Alphabet Games
  Kidspsych Games for Ages 1 to 5
  Many Online Games
  Owlie Boo Educational Games
  PBS Kids Games
  Peep and the Big Wild World
  Play Kids Games
  Primary Interactive (Early Years)
  Sesame Street Central
  Sheppard Software (Preschool)
  Up To Ten

Online Colouring/Drawing
  ABCYa! Paint
  Alphabet Colouring (at Digi Puzzle)
  Beautiful Curves
  Coloring Activities (at Up To Ten)
  Egg Decorating
  Kindergarten Shapes - Circles (at A Kids Heart)
  Toy Theater Doodle Pad
  Wonder Wheel (at Pretty Things)

Online Games and Activities
  Alphabetical Order (at ABCYa)
  Animal Farm Game (at Sheppard Software)
  Archie the Anteater (at Ziggity Zoom)
  Colour Game (at Sheppard Software)
  Dress Up (at PBS Kids)
  100 Snowballs (at ABCYa)
  Teletubbies Sliding Down The Hill

Online Songs
  Are You Sleeping?
  The Bear Went Over The Mountain
  The Wheels On The Bus

Online Stories
  Dotty Boo and Stinky Wood
  Jack And The Beanstalk
  The King's Breakfast
  Monster Shopping Trip
  Reading Friend (Animated Books)

    Updated 18 February 2019