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  Zooborns (Newborn Zoo Animals)

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General Resources
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  Pinterest Ideas for Early Childhood Activities
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  Ten Circle Time Activities

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  Children's Songs (at NIH)
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  Mood Turn (Change Classroom Mood)
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  Songs and Actions
  Songs for Children
  Songs for Teaching
  Top Marks Songs & Rhymes
  YouTube Super Simple Songs Channel

Nursery Rhymes
  Enchanted Learning Rhymes

Physical Education
  P.E. Central (Preschool Section)

  BAB Books - Online Stories
  Beantime Stories
  Bedtime Story
  British Council YouTube Playlist
  CBeebies Stories
  Children's Storybooks Online
  Just Books Read Aloud
  Lil' Fingers
  Literacy Zone Interactive Stories for Kids
  Matha Speaks - True Stories (at PBS)
  Read Aloud Stories (at RIF Reading Planet)
  Mighty Book
  Smarty Games
  Story Line Online
  Top Marks Stories for Ages 3-5
  Traditional Tales (at Espresso)

    Updated 23 March 2017