Online English Resources


Useful Websites
  Aesop's Fables Animated
  All About Adjectives
  BBC World News for Children
  The Berenstain Bears
  Capital Letters And Full Stops
  Clic News (News Site for Primary School Children)
  Communicating Ideas Using Newspapers
  Elements of a Story
  Espresso Grammar & Punctuation (KS2)
  Espresso Spelling (Lower KS2)
  Fís Book Club
  Folk Legends of Japan
  Giggle Poetry
  Goodnight Stories
  Homonym List
  Humorous Cat Poems
  Infant Explorer
  Interactive Wordplays
  Into The Book (Reading Comprehension)
  Jolly Phonics Songs (at Walterstown N.S.)
  Kids Spell
  Knoword (Dictionary Game)
  Leo Loves To Spell (at Scholastc)
  Little Explorers Dictionary
  Meet The Author - Blue Balliett/
  Micrositas Virtual Picturebooks
  Millennium Mystery Madness
  My Vocabulary
  Poetry By Heart
  Poetry Idea Machine (at Scholastic)
  Quill (Grammar and Spelling Exercises)
  Reading Bear (Watch, Know, Learn)
  Road To Grammar
  Roy The Zebra
  Save The Words
  Scholastic Harry Potter Site
  Shape Poems (at Read Write Think)
  Share What You Are Reading (at Scholastic)
  Smories (Stories by Children)
  Sound of Text (Convert Text to Sound)
  Spelling City
  Spreeder (Read text one word at a time)
  Storybook Web
  Story Map (at Read Write Think)
  Story Starters (at Meddybemps)
  Teach Your Monster to Read (Teacher Signup Reqd.)
  Thriller Titles (at Teach It)
  Times Spelling Bee
  Traditional Tales (at Espresso)
  Today's Front Pages
  Tumble Books
  Vocabulary Building
  Wacky Web Tales
  Word Central
  Words Eye (Turn sentences into pictures)
  Writing Reviews (at Espresso)
Online Books / E-Books
  The Aesop for Children (Library of Congress)
  Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature
  Children's Storybooks Online
  Fantastic Fiction
  International Children's Digital Library
  Read.Gov - Classic Books (at Library of Congress)
  Reading Friend (500 Animated Books)
  Salariya Web Books
  Traditional Tales Videos (at Espresso)
  World of Tales
Talking Books/Stories
  ABC Avenue Youtube Channel (Books read aloud)
  Just Books Read Aloud
  Kids Audio Books
  Literacy Zone Interactive Stories for Kids
  Loud Lit
  Martha Speaks - True Stories (at PBS)
  Mighty Book
  Storyline Online
  Story Shares

English Dictionaries
  Alphabetimals (Animal Dictionary)
  Collins Dictionary
  Define It Fast
  Dictionarist (Talking Dictionary)
  Google (Put Define: before word in Google search)
  Graph Words (Visual Thesaurus)
  Historical Thesaurus of English
  Illustrated Dictionary (at Kids Wordsmyth)
  Kids Wordsmyth (Dictionary & other word tools)
  Little Explorers Dictionary
  Meaning of Names
  Oxford English Dictionary
  Snappy Words (Visual Dictionary)
  Synonyms For
  Visual Dictionary Online
  VocabAhead (Vocabulary Videos)
  Wolfram Alpha
  Word Central
  Words Like
  Words Of The World (Words with Video Explanations)
  Your Dictionary

Word Tools
  Alphabetizer (Alphabetical Ordering Tool)
  Confusing Words
  Describing Words (Adjective Finder)
  Homonym List
  Lexical Free Net (Word Connections)
  Misused Words (at Daily Writing Tips)
  Newswordy (Explains Words in the News)
  One Look (Wildcard Dictionary Search)
  Online Etymology (The Origin of Words)
  Phrase Finder
  Phrase Up (Half-remembered Phrases)
  Tip Of My Tongue
  Word By Letter
  Word (Word Frequency Analysis)
  Word (Total Word Counter)
  Word Detective (Word Origins)
  Word Finder
  Word Source

Readability Tools
  Juicy Studio Website Reading Level Checker
  Leveled Books (Reading Level Checker for 9000+ books)
  Readability Test Tool
  Wordie (Vocabulary Level Checker)

Rhyming Dictionaries
  RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary
  Rhyming Dictionary (at Writing
  Write Express Rhyming Dicionary
  Write Rhymes
Games and Activities
  ABC Match (at Read Write Think)
  Acrostic Poem Maker (at Read Write Think)
  Alphabet Writing Guide with Practice Pad
  Babadum - Vocabulary Games (in Many Languages)
  Catch The Spelling
  Comma Confusion (at Compass Learning)
  Drop A Block
  Fact or Opinion Interactive (at Smart Tutor)
  Goldilocks - Retell
  Grammar Bee
  Grammar Ninja
  Hangmouse (at Vocabulary Learning Fun)
  Job Mixer (at British Council)
  Knoword (Dictionary Game)
  Letter Blaster Alphabet Game
  Lionel's Talking Gizmo (at PBS Kids)
  Look, Cover, Write and Check
  Painting Game (at Literactive)
  Phonics Games (at Teach Your Monster to Read)
  Picture A Story (at The Art of Storytelling)
  Picture Match (Phonics Game)
  Puzzle Me Words (Spelling Game)
  Sandcastele Phoneme Game (at BBC Schools)
  Sentences and Punctuation (at eLearning for Kids)
  Spelling Bee (at
  Spelling Match Game
  Spell Up (with Google Chrome)
  Story Sorter (Story Sequencing Activity)
  Synonym Sam (at PBS Kids)
  Synonym Toast (at Scholastic)
  Vocabulary Matching Game
  Word Cat
  Word Family Sorting Game
  Word Out (at Novel Games)
  Words and Pictures Rhyme Time (at Scootle)
  Word Sort (at Grammaropolis)
  Word Wars
Activity Directories
  Intractive Sites for Ed. - Language Arts Activities
  Kent Trust Web - Literacy Games Literacy Zone Interactive English Activities
  Literacy Zone Interactive Stories for Kids

Activity Collections
  BBC Magic Keys (Literacy Activities)
  Big Brown Bear Software
  Bobinogs (at BBC)
  British Council (Games for Learning English)
  Building Language for Literacy (at Scholastic)
  The Cat in the Hat Games (at PBS Games)
  CBeebies Games (at BBC)
  Children's University of Manchester - Words
  Digi Puzzle Language Games
  Encyclopaedia Britannica Games Collection
  Funbrain Word Games
  Fun English Games
  Grammar Activities (at My
  Kidpsych Interactive Games
  KS1 Bitesize Literacy Activities (at BBC)
  KS2 Bitesize English Activities (at BBC)
  Learning Chocolate Vocabulary Games
  Literacy Center Education Network
  Primary Games Arena (English Games)
  Primary Interactive
  Random House Kids Games
  Reading Friend Games and Activities
  Reading Planet Games
  Road To Grammar
  Sadlier Phonics Activities
  Solve Mall (Word Games)
  Student Interactives (at Read Write Think)
  Toy Theater - Reading
  Vocabulary Learning Fun
  Word Central Games

Live Competitive Activities (with Real Opponents)

  Moshi Monsters (Live Competition)

IWB Resources for Literacy
  Visuals for Language Instruction

Worksheet Generators
  Free Wordsearch
  Gap Fill Cloze Generator (at Tools for English)
  Lesson Corner Puzzlemakers
  Tools For English (Superb Worksheet Tools)
  Twisty Noodle Worksheets
  Vocab Quiz Maker (at Scholastic)
  Word Search (at Puzzlemaker)
  Word Shapes Worksheets (at A-Z Teacher Stuff)
  Worksheet Genius (English)
  Worksheet Works (English Language)

Electronic Activity Generators
  ABC Spelling Wizard (at Scholastic)
  Crossword Puzzle Maker (at Read, Write, Think))
  Interactive Wordsearch Generator (at ABCya)
  Kahoot (Student Response System)
  Learn Click (Cloze Test Maker)
  Mini Word Search Creator (at ABCYa)
  Pro Profs Brain Games
  Socrative (Student Response System)
  Testmoz (Test Generator)
  The Ultimate Word Search Maker
  Word Search - Make Your Own (at TES iBoard)


Digital Writing Tools
  Book Cover Creator (at Read Write Think)
  Boom Writer - Writing Motivator (Sign-up Required)
  Folding Story
  Inklewriter (Create interactive stories)
  Little Bird Tales
  My eBook
  My Story Book
  Nativity Story Maker
  Night Zookeeper (Create Animals and Write About Them)
  Picture a Story
  Picture Book Maker (at Culture Street)
  Story Creator (at Myths and Legends)
  Story Jumper
  Story Maker (at ABCYa!)
  Tikatok (Kids Create Books)
  Twine (Create Intertacvtive Stories)
  Twisty Noodle Make Your Own Book
  Word Writer (at Boom Writer)
  Write A Book Review (at Scholastic)
  Write Reader

Best Non-online Alternative
  Microsoft Photo Story 3 (Download and Installation Reqd.)

Other Creative Writing Support Tools
  Alphabet Organizer (at Read Write Think)
  Character Scrapbook (at Scholastic)
  Concrete Poetry (at Wild About Woods)
  Cube Creator (Stroy Planning Tool)
  Diamente Poems Creator (at Read Write Think)
  Emma (A Black & White Random Story Starter)
  Essay Map (at Read Write Think)
  Fakebook (Create Proflies for Fictional/Historical Characters)
  Flip Book (at Read, Write, Think)
  Got an Inkling (Creative Writing Prompts)
  Instant Poetry Forms
  Letter Generator (at Read, Write, Think)
  Myths Brainstorming Machine (at Scholastic)
  News Jack (Newspaper Text Replacement Tool)
  100 Word Challenge
  Pic Lits (Pictures as Creative Writing Prompts)
  Pobble 365 (daily picture to inspire creativity)
  Poetry Idea Machine (at Scholastic)
  Postcard Maker (at Read Write Think)
  Printing Press (at Read Write Think)
  Promptuarium (Story Starters and Prompts)
  Pulp-O-Mizer (Use Google Chrome)
  SMS Text Conversation Simulator (at Classtools)
  Story Starters (at Scholastic)
  Story Toolz
  Theme Poems (at Read, Write, Think)
  Thriller Titles (at Teach It)
  Toasted Cheese (Writing Prompts for older children)
  Visual Prompts (Creative Writing Prompts)
  Word Mover (at Read, Write, Think)
  Word Tamer (Writing Stimulation Tool)
  Write About (Inspiring Writing Ideas)
  Write Rhymes
  Writing Exercises (Remedies for Writer's Block)

Word Processors
  Draft (Basic Writing Tool)
  Easy Write (Encourages Use of Common Words)
  Google Drive/Google Docs
  Noisli (Ambience Tool with Word Processor)
  Scrawlar (Word Processor and Whiteboard Combined)
  Speech Notes (with Voice Recognition)
  Writer - The Online Typewriter
  Write Surge (Minimalist Writing Tool)
  Zen Pen - Clean & Simple Writing Zone

Text Editing Tools
  Alphabetimals (Name Typer)
  Alphabetizer (Alphabetical Ordering Tool)
  Copy Paste Character
  Geo Greeting
  Graffiti Creator
  Newspaper Clipping Generator
  Newspaper Front Page Generator
  Pictotool (Text Pictogram Generator)
  Ransom Note Generator
  Rewordify (Text Simplification Tool)
  Smmry (Text Summarising Tool)
  Summarize (Text Summarising Tool)
  Summarize This
  Text Compactor (Text Summarising Tool)
  Text Tools (at Miniwebtool.Com)
  Typography Editor
  Wondersay (Animated Text Generator)
  Word Mark (Help with Font Selection)

Text Analysis
  Analyze My Writing
  Expresso (Writing style analysis/improvement)
  Slick Write
  Textalyser (Detailed Text Analysis)
  Text Analyzser (Word and Phrase Frequency)
  Text Compare (Compare 2 pieces of writing)
  Voyant Tools (Word Frequency Tool)
  Word (Word Frequency Analysis)
  Word (Total Word Counter)

Spelling and Grammar Checkers
  Ginger Online Spelling and Grammar Checker
  Grammar Check
  Grammarly (Grammar Checker)
  Polish My Writing (Spelling/Grammar Checker)
  Spellcheck Online

Handwriting Support Tools
  Alphabet Writing Guide with Practice Pad
  Writing Repeater

Graphic Organisers
  Graphic Organisers (at Recipes4Success)
  Holt Interactive Graphic Organisers

Teacher Sites
  Carol Hurst's Children's Literature
  Planet Publish (Free PDF Book Archive)
  Read Write Think
  Spell It Right
  250+ Places for Free E-Books Online
  Web English Teacher

Also available for iPad

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