Online History Resources


Useful History Sites
  The Ages of Exploration
  All About Explorers (via MIC Library)
  Ancient China
  Ancient Egypt
  Ancient Egyptian Number System
  Ancient Greece
  Ancient Greeks (for Primary School)
  Ancient History Encyclopedia
  Ancient India
  Ancient Mexico
  The Ancient Olympics
  Ancient Rome For Kids
  Ancient Web
  Animals Myths & Legends
  Anne Frank Secret Annex
  Archaeology: Clues From the Past
  BBC Primary History Sites
  Behind The Name (Origin of First Names)
  Biographies (at
  Bronze Age (at
  Castles And The Medieval World
  Castle Explorer (Explore the Castles of Britain)
  Castles on the Web
  Coalmining in Castlecomer
  Children of the Famine
  Clues to the Past
  Conflict History (Timeline)
  Dúchas Schools' Folklore Collection
    - Weatherlore (1930s)
  The Egyptians
  Ellis Island - Stories of Yesterday and Today
  Embalm Your Own Mummy
  Encyclopaedia Mythica
  Eternal Egypt
  Eyewitness to History
  Fakebook (Create Proflies for Fictional/Historical Characters)
  Global Shakespeare Explorer
  Google Historical Events
  Google Historical Figures
  The Great Irish Famine Online (Comparison Maps)
  The Great Fire of London
  A History Of Ireland in 100 Objects
  History Of The World (British Museum/BBC)
  History Teacher's Attic
  Hyper History Online
  In Search of Ancient Ireland
  Investigating Norman Castles
  Ireland's History in Maps
  Ireland's Last Nomadic People
  The Irish Flag (at Scoilnet)
  Irish Potato Famine
  Iron Age Celts (at BBC Wales)
  Lascaux - A Visit to the Cave
  Medieval Castles
  Monastic Ireland
  Mr Dowling.Com - Browse The World
  Mummies of Ancient Egypt
  Myths and Legends
  Mythweb - Greek Mythology
  Nova Pyramids
  Nelson Mandela (at BBC Schools)
  1916 Rising - Personalities and Perspectives
  Odyssey Online: Greece
  On Board The Titanic
  On This Day (BBC)
  On This Day (NY Times)
  On This Day - Beyond The Headlines
  Pirates Theme Page
  Pompeii (at Harcourt School)
  Resources for History Teachers
  The Romans (for Primary School)
  Royal Timeline
  The Salmon of Knowledge
  Scoilnet Look At History
  St. Patrick's Journey (at BBC Northern Ireland)
  Stone Pages
  Threads - Schools' Oral History Project (at Scoilnet)
  Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer
  Tom Crean - An Irish Antarctic Explorer
  Treasures of Ancient Egypt
  Turas Naomh Pádraig
  Turning the Pages
  Views of the Famine
  Viking and Medieval Dublin (Primary Version)
  Viking Network Ireland
  Voyage of Exploration
  Way Back
  Winged Sandals (Ancient Greek Gods)
  Words Of The World (History Words Explained)
  World Digital Library (Primary Source Materials)
  World War 2 People's War
  Zoom Explorers

Sites for Teachers
  BBC Teach - History (Ages 5-7)
  BBC Teach - History (Ages 7-11)
  Best of History Web Sites

Games and Activities
  Death in Sakkara (Egyptian Adventure Game)
  Dig It! (Bronze Age at (Use IE)
  Egyptian Tomb Adventure
  Explore Ancient Egypt (Interactive Tour)
  The Great Fire of London Game
  Know Your Numerals (Roman Numeral Bingo)
  Make A Roman Mosaic
  Mummy Maker (at BBC History)
  Pyramid Builder (at BBC History)
  Roman Centurion
  The Three Pyramids (at National Museums of Scotland)
  Viking Quest (at BBC)
  Viking Training School
  Your Life On Earth (at BBC)

Activity Collections
  Children's University of Manchester
  Interactive Sites for Ed. - Ancient Egypt Activities

Timelines and Timeline Makers
  Chronas (Interactive Timeline of World History)
  Chrono Zoom (History of the World Timeline)
  Climate Time Machine
  Hstry (now Sutori)
  My Histro (Maps and Timelines)
  Read Write Think Timeline Maker
  Sutori (formerly
  Technology Timeline (USA)
  Time Glider
  Timeline Eons (History of the World)
  Time Line Maker (at Soft Schools)
  Time Line Maker (at Teachnology)
  Timeline of the History of the World Wide Web
  Timeliner (at
  Time Toast
  World War 2 Timeline
        - History of Ireland Timeline

  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

Maps and Map Tools
  Gea Cron (Country Borders since 3000BC)
  Genealogy Map of Irish Surnames
  Historic Maps
  History Pin
  The Map As History (Animated History Maps)
  Maps (at World Atlas)
  Maps Etc (Historic Maps Collection)
  Maps That Changed Our World (Lib. of Congress)
  My Histro (Maps and Timelines)
  Old Maps Online
  Owl & Mouse - Online Interactive maps
  Persuasive Cartography Collection (at Cornell)
  A Race Of Discovery (at Travelbag)
  Time History Maps
  World Population History
  Xpeditions Maps (at National Geographic)
  Zee Maps

Ireland Facts and Statistics
  Ask About Ireland
  Logainm - Placenames Database of Ireland
  Meaning of Names

Interesting Global Information
  Radiooooo (World Music Time Machine)
  World Tales

  Earth Calendar
  GMT Slider
  Here Is Today
  Qlock (Interactive World Time-Zone Map)
  Time and
  Time is (Exact Time)
  The Time Now
  World Time Buddy

  Museum Of Online Museums
  Museum Spot
  Museum Stuff
  Musical Instrument Museums Online
  Virtual Museums

Genealogy/Family Tree
  Irish Census Search (1901 and 1911)
        - Census At School (Ireland)
  Mt. St. Lawrence Cemetery Burial Register
  My Heritage
  Parish Registers
  People Plotr


Historical Documnents and Archives
  Docs Teach (US National Archives for Education)
  World Digital Library (10000 Digitised Documents)

Historical Images and Artefacts
  Bridgeman Collection (free via Mary Immaculate College)
  Circus Picture Collection
  Comic Art (120 Years of Panels and Pages)
  Ireland Illustrated 1680-1860 (at NUIG)
  Library of Congress Collection at Flickr
  Life Magazine Collection hosted by Google
  Mid-Manhattan Library Collection
  Movie Posters Collection
  National Library of Ireland Digital Collections
  The Object Of History
  Photocrom Vintage Travel Prints (at Lib. of Congress)
  Public Domain Project (Historical Collection)
  Retronaut (Photographic Time Machine)
  3D Images from the British Museum (at Sketchfab)
  Vintage Ad Browser
  Vintage Ads Live Journal (Old Posters and Postcards) (
  World War 2 in Photos (at The Atlantic)

Historical Sounds
  Conserve The Sound
  Museum Of Endangered Sounds

Spoken Word
  Famous Speeches (The History Place)
  Historical Sound Files in MP3 Format
  Martin Luther King

Newspaper/Magazine Archives
  Chronicling America (at Lib. of Congeress)
  Google Newspaper Archives
  Irish News Archive
  Key Moments in History (at Today's Front Pages)
  Old Magazine Articles

Television/Radio Archives
  RTE Archives (at Scoilnet)

Virtual Tours
  Áras an Uachtaráin
  Beaghmore Stone Circles
  British Museum with Google
  British Museum (Google Street View)
  Christchurch Cathedral Dublin
  Describing Egypt (Ancient Egypt in 360°)
  Dublin Rising 1916-2016 (with Google)
  Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship
  The Louvre
  Parthenon Ruins Tour
  Poulnabrone Dolmen (Interactive 3D Model)
  St. Peter's Basilica
  Vatican Online Museums
  Virtual Museums

  The Hunger Times (from PDST)
  Stone Age: A Day in the Life

Video Collections
  Documentary Heaven
  Documentary Tube
  Encyclomedia (Free Video Clips)
  Google Advanced Video Search
  Moving History
  Museum of Obsolete Objects
  100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers
  Pathé News
  PBS World Explorers
  Safe Share (YouTube Video Player)
  Search BBC Video
  Snag Learning
  Teacher Tube
  30 Alternatives to YouTube
  Top Documentary Films
  Travel Film Archive
  Tube Chop (Youtube video chopper)
  Universal Newsreels
  US National Archives YouTube Channel
  Watch Documentary
  Watch Know Learn
  YouTube Educational Collections
  YouTube for Schools
  YouTube Teachers Channel
  YTTM (Youtube Time Machine)
  Zui Tube Videos for Kids

Assorted Multimedia
  ARKive (Images and Video)
  Copyright Free and Public Domain Media
  Copyright Friendly Images (& Sounds)
  Copyright Friendly Resources
  Incredible Clip Art and Images
  Teachers Domain

Spoken Word
  Famous Speeches (The History Place)
  Historical Sounds in MP3 Format

Updated: 4 March 2020