Resources to Develop ICT Skills


Mouse Skills
  Baby Rose's Eyes
  Brush Your Teeth
  Feed The Monster
  Flower Garden
  Hide 'n' Seek
  Lil' Fingers Painting
  Little Jane

Key Skills
  Cube Slam (Challenging Others Facilitated)

Mouse and Key Skills
  Owlie Boo

  Alphabetic Rain (at Power Tying)
  Alpha Quick (Typing Game)
  Dance Mat Typing (at BBC)
  Foggies (at Power Tying)
  Kidz Type
  Nitro Type (Compete with kids from around the world)
  Timed Typing Test
  Typing Club
  The Typing of the Ghosts Game
  Typing Rocket (at ABCYa)
  Typing Rocket Junior (at ABCYa)
  Typing Test (at Learn 2
  Z Type

  Bot Logic
  Code Monkey (Basic Coding Course)
  Codesters (Code Teaching Site)
  CSS Desk
  Erase All Kittens (Learn HTML and CSS)
  Flappy Code
  Made With Code
  Rapid Router
  Robo Boogie
  Robo Dancers: Do The Strictly
  Scratch Tutorials
  Sketch Nation (Game Creator)
  Solo Learn (Variety of Learning Apps)
  Thimble (from Mozilla)
  Turtle Pond (at Illuminations)
  X-Ray Goggles (from Mozilla)

Teacher Resources (ICT Lesson Plans for Primary)

                      Updated: 20 November 2017