Online Mathematics Resources


Useful Sites for Mathematics
  Age Calculator (at Maths Cats)
  BBC Bitesize - Maths
  BBC Teach - Maths (Ages 5-7)
  BBC Teach - Maths (Ages 7-11)
  Estimation 180
  Figure This!
  Fresh Baked Fractions
  Illustrated Maths Dictionary
  Math Antics (Video Lessons)
  Math Cats
  Math Live - Real Life Math Applications
  Math World
  Nrich Primary Student Homepage
  Ríomhfhoclóir Matamaitice (ag CCEA)
  Seiko Kids Time Classroom
  Solve Me Puzzles (Pre-Algebra)
  Time Tools (at Scootle)

Maths IWB Resources
  Abacus (at ICT Games)
  Addition and Subtraction Tool
  Angle Measurer (at
  Area Builder (at PhET)
  Base Block Subtraction
  Basic Angle Tool
  Circle Construction Tool (at Mathspad)
  Clock (ag Toy Theater)
  An Clog Cainteach (ag CCEA)
  Coin Calculator (at ICT Games)
  Cuisenaire Environment (at NRICH)
  Equivalent Fractions Demonstration Tool (at ICT Games)
  Fish Times Tables
  Fraction Bars (at Math Playground)
  Fraction Bars (at Teacher Led.Com)
  Fraction Decimal Percent Virtual Manipulatives (at ABCYa)
  Fraction Number Line (at
  Fractions: Intro (PhET)
  Fractions: Mixed Numbers (PhET)
  Fractions Teaching Tool (at Math Learning Center)
  Fraction Wall (at Maths Bot)
  Fraction Wall (at Visnos)
  Geoboard (at Math Learning Center)
  Geoboard (at Math Playground)
  Geoboard (at Maths Bot)
  Geoboard (at NL Virtual Manipulatives)
  Geoboard (at Toy Theater)
  Geometric Solids (at Illuminations)
  Interactive Clock (at Teacher Led)
  Interactive Clock (Time, Angles and Fractions)
  Interactive 100 Square (at ICT Games)
  Interactive Number Chart (at Math Playground)
  Interactive Triangles
  Marble Jar Estimation Tool (at Toy Theater)
  Math Balance (at
  Math Clock (at Math Learning Center)
  Math Whiteboard
  Number Balance (at Math Zone)
  Number Line (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Frames (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Pieces (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Rack (at Math Learning Center)
  100 Square (at Math Zone)
  Paint The Squares (at Top Marks)
  Partial Product Finder (at Math Learning Center)
  Pattern Blocks (at
  Pattern Shapes (at Math Learning Center)
  Percentage Fraction Decimals Grid
  Percentage Fraction Decimal Wheel
  Polygon Properties Explorer
  Polypod (at Mathigon)
  Quadrilateral (at PhET Simulations)
  Rod Fractions (at NRICH)
  Rubber Band Reckoner (Estimation Tool)
  Same or Different
  Shifting Shapes (Shape Exploration Tool)
  Sieve of Eratosthenes (100 Square)
  Teaching Clock (at Top Marks)
  Ten Frame (at ICT Games)
  Tessalation Creator (at Illuminations)
  Thinking Blocks
  Two Clocks Side-by-Side (at Visnos)
  Two Colour Counters (at
  Venn Diagrams (at NRICH)

IWB Activity and Tool Collections
  Didax Virtual Manipulatives for Math
  DreamBox Learning - Teacher Tools
  Fractions & Decimals Teaching Resources
  GeoGebra (Interactive Whiteboards and Manipulatives)
  Math Learning Center
  Math Manipulatives (at Math Playground)
  Maths Bot Manipulatives
  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  PhET Math Simulations
  PhET Math Simulations (Elementary Level)
  Shapes and Measures (at Teacher LED)
  Teacher LED (Latest Resources)
  Teaching Tools (at ICT Games)
  Top Marks Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  Virtual Manipulatives (Toy Theater)

Interactive Games and Activities
  Addition Blocks Game
  Alien Addition (at Arcademic Skill Builders)
  Alien Angles (at Math Playground)
  Angle Estimation Game
  Area Builder Game (at PhET)
  Base Ten Fun (at ABCYa!)
  Bunny and Angles Game
  An Clog Cainteach (ag CCEA)
  Complete the Pattern (Java Game at NVLM)
  Countdown-style Numbers Game
  Counting Caterpillar Game
  Deadly Doors (at ICT Games)
  Einstein's Math Pyramid (at Digi Puzzle)
  Factris (at Mathigon)
  Fraction Matcher
  Hit The Button (at Top Marks)
  How Long Is A Minute? (Estimation Game)
  Looking For The Top Quark
  Make a Number (at Math Playground)
  Matching Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (at NRICH)
  Math Quest (at Room Recess)
  Maya Math Game (at Smithsonian)
  Measuring In Centimetres (at Top Marks)
  Mixpressions (at
  Money Master (at Maths Is Fun)
  Monsters vs Fractions Game
  Mostly Postie! (Weigh Parcels and Letters)
  Multiplication Blocks
  Multiplication Mouse (at Multiplication Games)
  Number Balance Games (at Math Zone)
  Number Trains (at Scootle)
  One Hundred Number Chart Game (at ABCYa!)
  Ooodle (Wordle-style game)
  The Percent Progress Game
  Play Your Cards Right (at ICT Games)
  Polypod (at Mathigon)
  Powerlines (Addition Puzzles)
  Self-Correcting Multiplication Quizzes
  Shapegrams (Draw with shapes)
  Symmetry Artist (at Maths is Fun)
  Symmetry Sorting (at Top Marks)
  Tables Test
  A Tangled Web (at Manga High)
  Tangram Maker (at Mathigon)
  Tangram Puzzles (at Math Playground)
  Tessalation Creator (at Illuminations)
  Times Table Sequences (Wordle-style game)
  Time Travel - Learn to Tell Time (at ABCYa)
  Totally (Addition game at Maths Zone)
  Toy Shop Money Game (at Top Marks)
  2 Clocks Time Change Game (at Teacher Led)
  2D Shapes Carroll Diagrams (at Teacher Led)

2-Player Games
  Board Block (at Nrich)
  Connect 3 (Directed Numbers Game)
  Deep Sea Duel (at Illuminations)
  Factor Game (at Illuminations)
  23 Or Bust (at

Activity Finders
  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)
  Top Marks

Activity Directories
  Johnnie's Math Page
  Kindersite Interactive Games
  Maths Zone Interactive Maths Activities
  Top Marks Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  Top Marks Maths Games
  Utah Ed.Network Math Interacives (Ages 4 to 8)
  Utah Ed.Network Math Interacives (Ages 8 to 12)

Activity Collections
  ABCya Math Games
  A Plus Click (Math and Logic Problems)
  Bobinogs (at BBC)
  Braingle (Games, Puzzles and more)
  Brain Pop
  CBeebies Games (at BBC)
  Count On
  Count Us In
  Data Games
  Digi Puzzle Maths Games
  DreamBox (Interactive Maths Activities) Math Games
  E-Lab Animated Interactive Tutorials
  Encyclopaedia Britannica Games Collection
  Fun Brain Kids Center
  Hooda Maths Games
  Illuminations (Maths Games and Activities)
  Inclusive Games (at Help Kidz Learn)
  Interactivate: Assessment Games
  IXL - Graded Maths Activities (Not Free)
  Knowledge Builder Games (at Maths Adventures)
  KS1 Bitesize Maths and Literacy Activities (at BBC)
  KS2 Bitesize English/Maths/Science Activities (at BBC)
  Manga High (Log In Needed)
  Math Chimp
  Math Craft (Self-evaluation)
  Math Games
  Math Games (at Room Recess)
  Math Game Time
  Mathletics - Graded Maths Activities (Not Free)
  Math Pickle (Puzzles and Games)
  Math Playground
  Maths For Kids
  Maths Frame - KS2 Games and Resources
  Maths Puzzles
  Matific (Math Activities for K-6)
  Multiplication Games
  Nasa Kids Club
  Novel Games
  NRICH Interactives (Lower Primary)
  NRICH Interactives (Upper Primary)
  Pauly's Playhouse
  PBS Kids Games
  PBS Kids Cyberchase Games
  Planet Arcade (at NOAA)
  Primary Games Arena
  Primary Interactive
  Puzzle Games
  Puzzle Monster
  Room Recess
  Sheppard Software Math Collection
  Smart-Kit (School-Safe Puzzle Games)
  Smarty Games
  Snappy Maths
  Solve Me - Puzzles
  Solvemoji (Emoji Maths Puzzles)
  Tang Math Games
  That Quiz - Maths Test Activities
  Toy Theater Math Games
  Transum Mathematics
  Turtle Diary Math Games
  Tutor Bot
  XP Math Games

Live Competitive Activities (with Real Opponents)
  Arcademic Skill Builders (Live)


Chart/Graph Tools
  Chart Go
  Create a Graph
  Data Viz Project (Collection of Visualisations)
  Free Chart Maker (at Tiny Wow)
  Google Data Gif Maker
  Live Gap Charts (Simple Graph Maker)
  Live Gap Icon Matrix Chart Templates
  Pie Color (Pie Chart Maker)
  Wheel Of Life (at

  Bee-Bot Online
  Blockly Games
  Bot Logic
  Circuit Playground Express
  Code For Life
  Code Monkey
  Code Monster (at Crunchzilla) (Basic Coding Course)
  Codesters (Code Teaching Site)
  CSS Deck
  Dragon Architect
  Erase All Kittens (Learn HTML and CSS)
  Flappy Code (Java Script Editor)
  Learning HTML (for Kids)
  LEGO Mindstorms
  Made With Code
  Online Logo
  Pencil Code
  Rapid Router
  Robo Boogie
  Run Marco Coding Game
  Scratch Junior
  Scratch Tutorials
  Sketch Nation (Game Creator)
  Solo Learn (Variety of Learning Apps)
  Tinkercad (3D Design and Programming)
  Tynker (Coding Made Easy)

Maths Sites for Teachers
  The Mathematics Shed
  Maths Antics You Tube Channel
  Maths Box
  Math Story (Maths Songs and Poems)
  Math Video Shorts (at Planet Nutshell)
  NZ Maths
  Videos and Worksheets (at Corbett Maths)

Problem-Solving Activities
  Blue Box (Logic Game)
  Braingle - Brain Teasers
  Brain Teasers (Play Chess for Free)
  Crazy Games Brain Games Collection (Code Creation/Code Cracking Tools)
  Fill The Grid (Games at Maths Zone)
  Game Design Strategy Games
  Gridlock Buster (Solve Traffic Flow Problems)
  Hooda Math
  Logic Games and Puzzzles (at Math Playground)
  Map Colouring Problem (at Mathigon)
  Math Maven's Mysteries
  Math Pickle (Puzzles and Games)
  Nerdle (Wordle-style Maths Game)
  Oddsquad Games (at PBS Kids)
  Oh h1
  0h n0
  Oimo Runner
  Open Middle (Challenging problems worth solving)
  Problem Solving Brain Teasers
  Secret Message Maker (at ABCYa) (use Edge)
  Shikaku (Game with Area)
  Tic Tac Toe (at iCompute)
  Transum Mathematics (Maths Puzzles)
  What's the Problem? (Word Problems)
  Would You Rather Math?

Worksheet Generators
  Make Clocks (at SEN Teacher)
  Math Fact Cafe
  Math Homework Generator
  Math Squares Puzzle Maker (at Discovery Education)
  The Math Worksheet Site
  Superkids Maths Worksheet Maker
  Twisty Noodle Worksheets
  Worksheet Genius
  Worksheet Generator (at Maths Bot)
  Worksheet Works

Loop Game Card Makers
  Loop Card Set Generator
  Math Follow Me Cards Generator

Electronic Activity Generators
  Countdown-style Numbers Game
  Image Quiz (Picture Quiz Maker)
  Math Electronic Worksheet Generator
  Solve Me Puzzles
  Sudoku Generator and Solver
  That Quiz
  Vortex - Drag & Drop (at Classtools.Net)

Calculators/Conversion Tools
  Age Calculator (at Maths Cats)
  Calculator (at Toy Theater)
  Calkoo (Set of Advanced Calculators)
  Convert Plus
  Convert World
  Four Function Calculator (at Desmos)
  Fraction Calculator
  Fractions Calculators (at Calculator Soup)
  Math Tools (at Miniwebtool.Com)
  Mega Converter 2
  Metric Conversions
  Numbr (A Smart Calculator + Notepad)
  Omni Calculator (Multiple Calculators)
  Online Conversion
  Online Fraction Calculator (at Help With Fractions)
  Online Ruler
  Random Number Generator
  Temperature Conversion Calculator
  Time Converter (at Tiny App Thingy)
  XE - Universal Currency Converter
  Web Math (Solve Your Math Problems)
  Web 2 Calc (Scientific Calculator)
  Weird Units Calculator (at Omnicalculator)

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