Online Mathematics Resources


Useful Sites for Mathematics
  Addition and Subtraction (at Espresso)
  Age Calculator (at Maths Cats)
  BBC Schools - Numeracy
  Cloud Click
  Decifractator (Fractions to Decimals)
  Espresso Fractions (Upper KS2)
  Estimation 180
  Estimation 2.02
  Figure This!
  Fresh Baked Fractions
  Illustrated Maths Dictionary
  Irregular Shapes Interactice Tutorial
  Long Division Tool
  Magic Math Market
  Math Advantage
  Math Cats
  Math Dictionary
  Math Glossary of Terms
  Math Live (Real Life Math Applications)
  Math Playground
  Maths Championships (at Espresso)
  Maths Dictionary for Kids
  Primary Games (Software Samples)
  Problem Solving Brain Teasers
  Puzzle Playground
  Rainforest Maths
  Ríomhfhoclóir Matamaitice (ag CCEA)
  Solve Me Puzzles (Pre-Algebra)

Maths IWB Resources
  Addition and Subtraction Tool
  Angle Measuring Tool (at
  Angle Sums (at Illuminations)
  Analog Clock
  Analog/Digital Time (at Mr. Myers.Org)
  Area Tool - Advanced (at Illuminations)
  Base Block Subtraction
  Base 10 Blocks
  Base 10 Manipulatives
  Basic Angle Tool
  Big Blue Calculator
  Big Online Calculator
  Capacity Tool (at TES iBoard)
  Christmas Tree Symmetry
  Class Birthday Chart
  An Clog Cainteach (ag CCEA)
  Comparing Line Lengths
  Co-ordinates Grid
  Counter Square
  Counting Fish
  Crick's Interactive 100 Square
  Equivalence Number Line
  Equivalence Teaching Tool - Bars
  Equivalence Teaching Tool - Pies
  Equivalence Teaching Tool - Pies and Bars
  Fish Times Tables
  Fraction and Decimal Wall (at Espresso)
  Fraction Bars (at Math Playground)
  Fraction Bars (at Teacher Led.Com)
  Fraction Scale (at Math Playground)
  Fraction Strip
  Fractions Teaching Tool (at Math Learning Center)
  Fraction Wall
  Geoboard (at Math Learning Center)
  Geoboard (at NL Virtual Manipulatives)
  Geometric Solids (at Illuminations)
  Grid Maths
  Interactive Circle (at Learn Alberta)
  Interactive 100 Number Chart (at ABCYa)
  Interactive 100 Square
  Interactive Spinners (To Investigate Chance and Probability)
  Interactive Triangles
  Money Machine (at Teaching Money)
  Number Line (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Line Estimater
  Number Line Interactive
  Number Frames (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Pieces (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Rack (at Math Learning Center)
  Pattern Shapes (at Math Learning Center)
  Percentage Fraction Decimal Grid
  Percentage Fraction Decimal Wheel
  Pictoram Graph Maker
  Pie Chart Maker
  Polygon Properties Explorer
  Popular Snacks Pictoram Maker
  Proportion Grids (at Top Marks)
  Protractor Activities
  Scribble 100 Square
  Scribble Tables Square
  Sieve of Eratosthenes (100 Square)
  Splat Square 1-100
  Super Sequencer
  Teaching Clock (at eChalk)
  Teaching Clock with current time (at Time-for-Time)
  Teaching Clock with current time (at WM Net)
  TES iBoard Class Clock
  Tessalation Creator (at Illuminations)
  Thinking Blocks
  Time Angles and Fractions
  Triangular Cards (Number Bonds)
  2 Clocks Side-by-Side (at Visnos)
  Venn Diagram (at Read Write Think)
  Virtual Geoboard (at Connections Learning)
  Virtual Geoboard (at
  Virtual Pinboard
  What Time Is It Now?

IWB Tool Collections
  eManipulatives Grade K (at Eduplace)
  eManipulatives Grade 1-2 (at Eduplace)
  eManipulatives Grade 3-6 (at Eduplace)
  Encyclopedia Interactica (at Poisson Rouge)
  eTools (at Pearson/Scott Foresman)
  Fractions & Decimals Teaching Resources
  Math Interactives (at Learn Alberta)
  Math Learning Center
  Math Manipulatives (at Math Playground)
  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  Shapes and Measures (at Teacher Led)
  Teacher LED (Latest Resources)
  Teacher LED (Legacy Resources)
  Teaching Money
  TES iBoard

Interactive Games and Activities
  Addition Blocks Game
  Add Like Mad
  Alien Addition (at Arcademic Skill Builders)
  Angle Estimation Game (at Nrich Maths)
  Balloon Pop (Subtraction Game)
  Banana Hunt
  Bang On Time (at Top Marks)
  Base Ten Fun (at ABCYa!)
  Billy Bug (at Cool Science Lab)
  Billy Bug 2 (at Cool Science Lab)
  Board Block - Game for 2 Players (at
  Button Beach Challenge (at Ambleside Primary)
  Catch The Fly (at
  Circus Towers (at
  Clock Shoot
  An Clog Cainteach - Cluiche (ag CCEA)
  Complete the Pattern (Java Game at NVLM)
  Connect 3 (Directed Numbers Game)
  Co-ordinate Game (at Primary Resources)
  Co-ordinate Game 2 (at Primary Resources)
  Crack the Code (at BBC Archive)
  Cross The Maze (Left/Right Discrimination)
  Cross The Swamp (at BBC Schools)
  Deep Sea Duel (at Illuminations)
  Diamond Mine (Co-ordinates Game)
  Dino Dig (at Count On)
  Eat The Ghost (at Sheppard Software)
  Einstein's Math Pyramid (at Digi Puzzle)
  Equivalence (at ICT Games)
  Equivalent Fractions Game (at
  Euro Coin Exchange (at Teaching Money)
  Fraction Matcher
  Fraction Monkeys
  Freddy's Fractions (at Math Chimp)
  Fruit Shoot (Place Value Game)
  Function Machine
  Geometry Quiz (at Novel Games)
  Grid Mult (Practice Multiplication Method)
  Half Or Not Half (at Snappy
  Kindergarten Shapes - Circles (at A Kids Heart)
  Liquid Measure Problems (at
  Locate The Aliens (Co-ordinates Game)
  Looking For The Top Quark
  Magic Gopher (at British Council)
  Maya Math Game (at Smithsonian)
  Mission 2110 Roboidz Angles Game (at BBC Bitesize)
  Mixpressions (at Maths Puzzles)
  Money Master (at Maths Is Fun)
  Mostly Postie! (Weigh Parcels and Letters)
  Number Trains (at Scootle)
  Park The Car (Co-ordinates Game)
  Pick and Mix
  Pop Penguin & The Place Value Race (at Math Playground)
  Powerlines (Addition Puzzles)
  Read the Weight (at ICT Games)
  Refraction (Fractions Game)
  Robo Packer (at Eduplace)
  Robot Facts
  Set The Time (at TES iBoard)
  Shape Fractions (at Scootle)
  Shape Shoot (Symmetry Game)
  Shark Numbers (at ICT Games)
  Speed Grid (Multiplication Game)
  Stop The Clock (at Oswego City Schools)
  Sum Sense - Addition (at Cool Science Lab)
  Sum Sense - Division (at at Cool Science Labs)
  Sum Sense - Multiplication (at Cool Science Lab)
  Sum Sense - Subtracion (at Cool Science Lab)
  Swimming Game (at eChalk)
  Tables Test
  A Tangled Web (at Manga High)
  Telling The Time (at BBC Bitesize)
  Tessalation Creator (at Illuminations)
  Time - Knowledge Assessment
  Times Tables (at BBC)
  Time Tunnel - 5 Activities (at Learn Alberta)
  Triangular Cards (Number Bonds)
  Under The Sea - 2D/3D Shapes Game (at Learn Alberta)

Activity Finders
  Class (Ireland)
  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

Activity Directories
  Interactive Elementary Math Lessons
  Interactive Sites for Ed. - Math
  Johnnie's Math Page
  Kindersite Interactive Games
  Maths Zone Interactive Maths Activities
  Top Marks Games
  Top Marks Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  Utah Ed.Network Math Interacives (Gr K-2)
  Utah Ed.Network Math Interacives (Gr 3-6)

Activity Collections
  A Plus Click (Math and Logic Problems)
  Bobinogs (at BBC)
  Brain Pop
  CBeebies Games (at BBC)
  Click On (Ambleside Primary Collection)
  Count On
  Count Us In
  Crickweb Interactive Resources
  Data Games
  Digi Puzzle Maths Games
  DreamBox (Interactive Maths Activities)
  E-Lab Animated Interactive Tutorials
  Encyclopaedia Britannica Games Collection
  Encyclopedia Interactica (at Poisson Rouge)
  Flash Maths
  Fun Brain Kids Center
  Getty Games
  Hooda Maths Games
  Illuminations (Maths Games and Activities)
  Inclusive Games (at Help Kidz Learn)
  Interactivate: Assessment Games
  IXL - Graded Maths Activities (Not Free)
  Kidpsych Interactive Games
  Knowledge Builder Games (at Maths Adventures)
  KS1 Bitesize Maths and Literacy Activities (at BBC)
  KS2 Bitesize English/Maths/Science Activities (at BBC)
  Manga High (Log In Needed)
  Math Chimp
  Math Craft (Self-evaluation)
  Math Games
  Math Game Time
  Mathletics - Graded Maths Activities (Not Free)
  Math Pickle (Puzzles and Games)
  Math Playground
  Maths For Kids
  Maths Frame - KS2 Games and Resources
  Maths Puzzles
  Matific (Math Activities for K-6)
  Nasa Kids Club
  Novel Games
  Number Games (at BBC)
  Pauly's Playhouse
  PBS Kids Games
  PBS Kids Cyberchase Games
  Planet Arcade (at NOAA)
  Poisson Rouge
  Primary Games Arena
  Primary Interactive
  Puzzle Games
  Puzzle Monster
  Room Recess
  Sheppard Software Math Collection
  Smart-Kit (School-Safe Puzzle Games)
  Smarty Games
  Snappy Maths
  Solve Me - Puzzles
  Super Maths World
  Teaching Money (Games)
  That Quiz - Maths Test Activities
  Toy Theater
  XP Math Games

Live Competitive Activities (with Real Opponents)
  Arcademic Skill Builders (Live)
  Calculation Nation (Log In Required)
  Moshi Monsters (Live Competition)


Chart/Graph Tools
  Chart Go
  Create a Graph
  Google Data Gif Maker
  Live Gap Charts (Simple Graph Maker)
  Living Graph (at Classtools)
  Online Chart Tool
  Pictogram Maker
  Pie Color (Pie Chart Maker)
  Venn Diagram Maker

  Bot Logic
  Code Monkey
  Erase All Kittens (Learn HTML and CSS)
  Espresso Coding
  Learning HTML (for Kids)
  LEGO Bits and Bricks
  Online Logo
  Sketch Nation (Game Creator)
  Solo Learn (Variety of Learning Apps)
  Turtle Pond (at Illuminations)

Maths Sites for Teachers
  The Art of Questioning in Mathematics
  Interactive Elementary Math Lessons
  The Mathematics Shed
  Maths Antics You Tube Channel
  Maths Box
  Math Story (Maths Songs)
  Math Video Shorts (at Planet Nutshell)
  NRich Maths
  NZ Maths
  So You Have To Teach Math?
  Videos and Worksheets (at Corbett Maths)

Problem-Solving Activities
  Blue Box (Logic Game)
  Bojagi (Area Puzzles)
  Brain Teasers
  Bumper Ducks
  Effective Detective
  40x Escape
  Four Color Problem Game
  Game Design Strategy Games
  Gorilla (Angles & Forces Game)
  Gridlock Buster (Solve Traffic Flow Problems)
  Liquid Measure Problems (at
  Logic Games (at Math Playground)
  Math Fair Problems
  Math Maven's Mysteries
  Math Pickle (Puzzles and Games)
  Oh h1
  0h n0
  Puppies Problem Solving (at HWB Wales)
  Shikaku (Game with Area)
  Strimko (Sudoku-type games)
  Think Outside The Flock (at Hooda Math)
  Transum Mathematics (Maths Problems)
  Way of an Idea
  What's the Problem? (Word Problems)

Worksheet Generators
  Lesson Corner Maths Worksheets
  Lesson Corner Puzzlemakers
  Make Clocks (at SEN Teacher)
  Math Fact Cafe
  The Math Worksheet Site
  Read Clocks (at SEN Teacher)
  Superkids Maths Worksheet Maker
  Twisty Noodle Worksheets
  Worksheet Genius
  Worksheet Works

Loop Game Card Makers
  Loop Card Set Generator
  Math Follow Me Cards Generator

Electronic Activity Generators
  Dustbin - Drag & Drop (at Classtools.Net)
  Image Quiz (Picture Quiz Maker)
  Interactive Wordsearch Generator (at ABCya)
  Jeopardy Labs (Jeopardy Game Maker)
  Learn Click (Cloze Test Maker)
  Make Your Own Game (at What2Learn)
  Math Electronic Worksheet Generator
  Pro Profs Brain Games
  Quiz Bean (Formerly 'Quiz Poo')
  Testmoz (Test Generator)
  That Quiz

Calculators/Conversion Tools
  Age Calculator (at Maths Cats)
  Calkoo (Set of Advanced Calculators)
  Convert Plus
  Convert World
  Decifractator (Fractions to Decimals)
  Fraction Calculator
  Long Division Tool
  Math Tools (at Miniwebtool.Com)
  Mega Converter 2
  Metric Conversions
  Mighty Number
  Online Conversion
  Online Fraction Calculator (at Help With Fractions)
  Random Number Generator
  Talking Calculator (at PBS Kids)
  Temperature Conversion Calculator
  XE - Universal Currency Converter
  Web Math (Solve Your Math Problems)
  Web 2 Calc (Scientific Calculator)
  World Wide Metric Conversion Calculator

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