Image Collections


  BrainyBetty (PowerPoint Templates)
  Celtic Clip Art
  Classroom Clipart
  Digital Archive of Art
  Discovery School Gallery
  Educational Technology Clearinghouse
  Find a Bird Picture
  Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin
  Freepik (Graphic Resources for Everyone)
  Icon Archive
  Icon Bug
  Lost And Taken (Cool Textures)
  Open Clip Art
  Paper Zip (Images and more for Education)
  Public Domain Clipart
  School Clip Art
  School Icons
  Subtle Patterns (Backgrounds and Textures)
  Teacher Files
  WP Clipart

Image Search Engines
  Ask Images
  Behold (Creative Commons Search)
  Creative Commons Search
  Giphy (Animated Gif Search)
  Google Advanced Image Search
  Google Images
  Icon Finder
  Icon Gal
  Image Indentify (Image identifier)
  Image Raider (Reverse Image Search)
  Photopin (Creative Commons Flickr Search)
  Photos For Class (Creative Commons Search)
  Pic4Carto (Find Images Based on Location)
  Tag Galaxy (Browse Images in 3D)
  Tin Eye (Reverse Image Search)
  Wellcome Images (Creative Commons Search)

Image Zoom Tools
  Zoomi It
Photograph Collections
  Free TIIU Pix (for Teachers and Students)
  Free Pixels
  Gratisography (Copyright-free High-Res Images)
  Image After (Free Stock Images)
  Imagebank (at Scoilnet)
  Jay Mantri (Copyright-free High-Res Images)
  Ookaboo (Free Pictures of Everything on Earth)
  Photl (Free Stock Photography)
  Photocrom Vintage Travel Prints (at Lib. of Congress)
  Photos For Class (Creative Commons)
  Photos 8 (Public Domain Images)
  PikWizard (Free Stock Photos)
  Public Domain Pictures
  Royalty-Free Illustrations and Photographs
      (at Learning and Teaching Scotland)
  Skitter Photo (Copyright-free High-Res Images)
  Stockio (Free Stock Images)
  Unsplash (Copyright-free High-Res Images)
  Wikipedia Public Domain Image Resources
  World Religions Photo Gallery

Creative Images
  Morgue File (Creative Images)
  VADS - Free Art & Design Images

Global Development Images
  On Camera (at Golbal Eye)

Historical Images
  Bridgeman Collection (free via Mary Immaculate College)
  Circus Picture Collection
  Library of Congress Collection at Flickr
  Life Magazine Collection hosted by Google
  Mid-Manhattan Library Collection
  National Library of Ireland Digital Collections
  Retronaut (Photographic Time Machine)
  Vintage Ad Browser
  Vintage Ads Live Journal (Old Posters and Postcards)

Photos of Planet Earth and Beyond
  Animal Photos
  Baby Animalz
  Digital Images of the Sky
  Discovering Antarctica Image Library
  Jungle Photos
  Life (Your World in Pictures)
  NASA Commons (at Flickr)
  NASA Images
  National Geographic Daily Dozen
  National Geographic Photgraphy
  NOAA Photo Library
  Outdoor Photos - Landscapes
  Photo Ark (Photos of Endangered Species)
  Smithsonian Wild (Camera Traps)
  Space Radar Images of Earth
  UNESCO Photobank
  USGS Hawaiian Volcano Gallery
  World Images Kiosk (at Calif. St. Univ.)
  The World's Oldest Trees (Photos of Beth Moon)
  Zooborns (Newborn Zoo Animals)


3-D Images
  NASA 3D Models
  Smithsonian 3D Collection
  3D Images from the British Museum (at Sketchfab)
  3D Toad (Rotatable Images)

Animated Gifs
  Julian Douvier Collection

World News Photographs
  My Way
  News in Pictures
  Pictures of the Year International
  World Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2008 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2009 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2010 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2011 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2012 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2013 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2014 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2015 in Photos
  The Big Picture - The Year 2016 in Photos
  The Big Picture - Current Year in Photos
  2011 - The Year in Photos (The Atlantic)
  2012 - The Year in Photos (The Atlantic)
  2013 - The Year in Photos (The Atlantic)
  2014 - The Year in Photos (The Atlantic)
  2015 - The Year in Photos (The Atlantic)
  2016 - The Year in Photos (The Atlantic)
  Photos of the Week (The Atlantic)

Visual Literacy
  Examples of Powerful Images

Assorted Multimedia
  ARKive (Images and Video)
  Climate Change Graphics and Multimedia (at NASA)
  Copyright Friendly Resources
  Teachers Domain
  USGS Multimedia Gallery

Updated 10 January 2018