Online Resources for Music Education


Useful Music Sites
  Ableton Learning Music
  Atlas of Plucked Instruments
  Bash The Trash
  BBC Teach - Music (Ages 5-7)
  BBC Teach - Music (Ages 7-11)
  Beastbox (Mix Wild Animal Voices with Beatbox)
  Bring The Noise (at BBC Teach)
  Children's Music Web
  Classics for Kids
  Composers Gallery (at NY Phil Kidzone)
  Dallas Symphony Kids Site
  Explore the Orchestra (at Classics for Kids)
  Handy Melody (Tonic Solfa Learning System)
  Little Kids Rock
  Musical Dictionary (at Classics for Kids)
  Music Map (Music Genres and their Origins)
  Musical Explorers Around the World (Map)
  Musical Instrument Museums Online
  Notation Training
  Odd Music (Unusual Instruments)
  Rhythm Randomizer
  Ricci Adams' Music Theory

Song Collections
  AZ Lyrics
  Bookbug Song & Rhyme Library (at Scottish Book Trust)
  Bus Songs
  The Children's Music Archive
  Children's Songs (at NIH)
  Chordie (Songs and Chords)
  Environmental and Multicultural Songs
  Folk Music of UK, Ireland and America
  Mama Lisa's World of International Songs
  Math Story (Maths Songs)
  Mighty Book Sing-a-Long Songs
  Rainn Agus Amhráin
  Rannta, Dánta agus Amhráin do Pháistí Óga
  Songs for Teaching
  Songs in Irish
  Top Marks Songs & Rhymes

Song Search Engines
  Midomi (Search by singing or humming)

Music Activities and Games
  Beethoven Beats (at Google Arts & Culture)
  4 Four (Learning Platform for Musical Rhythm)
  Mix with Google
  Music Clock (Whole-class Game at Dabbledoo Music)
  Paint With Music (at Google Arts & Culture)
  Touch Pianist (Explore Masterpieces)

Game and Activity Collections
  ABCYa Art and Music Games
  Chrome Music Lab
  Classics For Kids Music Games
  Crazy Games Music Games Collection
  Dabbledoo Music Activities
  Music Teacher Quizzes, Games and Exercises
  NY Philharmonic Kids Game Room
  PBS Music Games

Music Makers
  AI Duet (Play a Piano that responds to you)
  Ambient Mixer (Find, Mix and Create Ambient Sounds)
  Arpeggios (at Chrome Music Lab)
  Assisted Melody (at Google Arts & Culture)
  Audiotool (Advanced Music Mixing Tool)
  Blob Opera (at Google Arts & Culture)
  Carmen's World Orchestra (at PBS Kids)
  Chords (at Chrome Music Lab)
  Citizen DJ (Remix Copyright-free Music)
  Compose Your Very Own Music (at Classics for Kids)
  Creatability (at Experiments with Google)
  The Dungeon (at Tabletop Audio)
  Isle Of Tune (Build a Musical Landscape)
  Make Some Chords (at Ableton Learning Music)
  Mario Paint Music Composer
  Melody Maker (at Chrome Music Lab)
  Musical Bottles (at Storm Educational)
  Music Maker (at PBS Kids)
  Music Making Tools (at Toy Theater)
  Online Sequencer
  Scribble Audio
  A Soft Murmur (Ambience Tool)
  Song Maker (at Chrome Music Labs)
  Sound Infusion (World Music Tool)
  Strofe (Create and Mix Mood Music)
  Typatone (Click on blue area and type)
  Wolfram Tones

Virtual Instruments
  Theremix (Virtual Theremin)
  Virtual Bongos
  Virtual Drumming
  Virtual Drums
  Virtual Electric Piano (at Music
  Virtual Instruments For Kids
  Virtual Online Piano
  Virtual Piano
  Virtual Piano (at Online Pianist)
  Virtual Theremin

  NSynth - Hybrid Instruments (at Google Experiments)
  Tony-B (Retro Synthesizer)
  Viktor NV-1 (Synthesizer)
  Web Synths

Drum Machines
  Cyber Pattern Player (at PBS Kids)
  Groove Pizza (Drum Sequencer)
  Make Beats (at Ableton Learning Music)
  Rhythm (at Chrome Musioc Lab)

Collaborative Music Makers
  Multi-Player Piano
  Shared Piano - Collaborative Tool (at Chrome Music Labs)

  Scoilnet Resources Finder

Online Music Collections
  Bensound (Royalty Free Music)
  Classic Cat
  Classics for Kids (Listen only, no download)
  Comhaltas Irish Music Archive
  Dano Songs
  Dig CC Mixter (Free Music for Projects)
  Free Kids Music
  Free Moby Music for Film Makers
  Free Music Archive
  The Global Jukebox
  iBeat (Free Beats, Loops and Breaks)
  Library of Congress Songs of America
  Looper Man (Free Loops and Samples) (Free, but Registration Required)
  Midomi (Search by singing or humming)
  MixKit (Free Reusable Video)
  Musopen (Free Classical Music) (Free, but Registration Required)
  National Jukebox (at US Library Of Congress)
  Open Archive Music
  Partners in Rhyme (Free Music Loops)
  Pixabay Free Music Collection
  Radiooooo (World Music Time Machine)
  Sample Swap (Free, but Registration Required)
  78 RPM Archive (at
  Tin Whistle Tunes
  Traditional Music LIbrary
  Turlough O'Carolan Tunes
  TV Theme Tunes
  Youtube Library of Free Music

Music Lessons
  Justin Guitar (1000 Free Guitar Lessons)

Sound Recorders
  Audiopal (Voice Recorder)
  Clyp It (Voice Recorder)
  Online Voice Recorder
  Reverb Record (Record your voice and share it)
  Sneak Pipe (Voice Recorder)
  Twisted Wave (Sound Recording and Editing)
  Vocaroo (Voice Recorder)

Sound File Editors
  Cut MP3 (MP3 cutter)
  Online Audio Cutter (
  Online Audio Joiner (Stitches sound flies together)
  Pitch Shifter (Change pitch of music file)
  Time Stretcher (Change tempo of music file)
  Twisted Wave (Sound Recording and Editing)

Music Utilities
  Acoustic Guitar Tuner (at
  Autochords (Chord Progressions)
  Google Metronome (Just search 'metronome')
  Guitar Tuner
  Metronome Online
  Online Guitar Tuner (using your microphone)
  Online Metronome (at iMusic School)
  Virtual Guitar Tuner

      Also available for iPad
      Also available for Android Tablets

Updated: 2 September 2023