ICT in Schools - Readings


Online Books
  Teaching in a Digital Age (Tony Bates)

Online Articles
  Can Students Have Too Much Tech? (Susan Pinker - NY Times)
  The Computer Delusion (Todd Oppenhimer - The Atlantic)
  Gamification - Gaming in Education (Elliott Bristow - Edublogger)
  Ireland's Broadband Blackspots (Ronan McGreevy - Irish Times)
  Lack of Evidence-based Practice (Larry Cuban)
  Meet the Classroom Of the Future (William Huntsberry - NPR)
  You are Asking the Wrong Questions about Ed Tech (Jordan Shapiro - Forbes)

Technology Integration Models
  SAMR and TPACK Models

Research Resources
  CERI - ICT in Initial Teacher Training (OECD)
  Interactive Whiteboard Bibliography (to 2006)
  International Portal of Teacher Education
  The Motivational Effect of ICT on Pupils (Passey, Rogers, Meskil and McHugh)
  PBS Technology Integration Research Database
  Technology Integration Matrix (Florida CIT)
  What the Research says about ICT supporting SEN and Inclusion

Research Studies
  Bridging the Digital Divide (Neil Selwyn and Keri Facer of Futurelab)
  Digital Native Fallacy: Teachers still know better
  Home Use of ICT for Ed. Purposes:Impact on Attainment (Valentine, Marsh and Pattie)
  ICT in Teacher Education: Challenging Prospects (Chaib & Svensson)
  Impact of Digital Technologies on Formal Education (Jean Underwood 2009)

Journal Articles
Livingstone, Sonia (2012) Critical Reflections on the Benefits of ICT in Education, Oxford Review of Education, 38:1, 9-24.
Avaliable online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03054985.2011.577938

Mumtaz, Shazia (2000) Factors Affecting Teachers' use of ICT: a Review of the Literature Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education, 9:3, 319-342
Avaliable online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14759390000200096

Yang, Hao (2012) ICT in English Schools: Transforming Education? Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 21:1, 101-118
Avaliable online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1475939X.2012.659886

Shi, Y., Yang, H., Yang, Z. and Wu, D. (2014) Trends of Cloud Computing in Education Hybrid Theory: Learning and Practice, (Vol. 8595 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 116-128)
Avaliable online at: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-08961-4_12

  Mitchel Resnick Publications

ICT Policy Documents & Reports (Ireland)
              (all in PDF format)

  Blueprint for the Future of ICT in Irish Ed. 2001-2003
  Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020 (DES 2015)
  Growing Up in Ireland (Dept of Health 2009)
  Guidelines ICT in Primary Schools (NCCA 2003)
  Guidelines for Teachers of Children with General Learning Disabilities (NCCA)
  ICT and Special Educational Needs (NCTE Advice Sheet)
  ICT - The Invisible Plan (NCCA)
  Inspectorate Report on ICT in Schools (2008)
  Investing Effectively in ICT in Schools 2008-2013
  Planning and Implementing eLearning in your School (NCTE 2009)
  Report on the Impact of Schools IT2000
  Revised ICT Framework (NCCA 2007)
  Schools IT2000 (DES 1997)
  Supporting Children with SEN in Schools (NCSE 2014)
  Webwise: Primary Teachers' Handbook (NCTE 2011)

ICT Policy Documents & Reports (UK)
              (all in PDF format)

  NAACE Guide to the New UK Computing Curriculum (2014)

ICT Policy Documents & Reports (Europe)
              (all in PDF format)

  Excessive Internet Use among European Children (2012)
  The ICT Impact Report 2006 - Review of Studies in Europe (Balanskat, Blamire and Kefala)
  Students Computers and Learning: Making the Connection (OECD 2015)
  Use of ICT in Education: Survey of schools in Europe 2013

International Education Resources
  WWW Virtual Library - Comparative Education Resources

Web 2.0 / Cloud Computing in Education
  Classroom 2.0 - Teacher Discussion Forum
  E-Learning and Web 2.0 Tools for Schools
  An Introducation to Wikis in Education
  A New Way To Lecture
  100 Ways To Use Social Media in the Classroom
  Schools That Blog (at Scoilnet)
  73 Ways to Use Thing Link in the Classroom (Donna Baumbach)
  STHS Library Guides - New Tools
  The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators
  10 Articles on Web 2.0 in Education
  Tools for the 21st Century Teacher
  Twitter in the K-8 Classroom
  Web 20.11 at Discovery Education

Updated: 9 October 2017