Online Resources for Religious Education


Useful Websites
  Bible Server
  The Birth of Jesus
  Christmas Music Map
  Christmas Theme Page (at Scoilnet)
  The Easter Story
  Inspire My Kids
  Martin Luther King Jr.
  The Positive Press
  Sacred Texts Online Gallery
  St. Nicholas
  The Story of Moses
  The Story of The Buddha

For Teachers
  BBC Teach - Religion (Ages 5-7)
  BBC Teach - Religion (Ages 7-11)
  CAFOD - Primary School Resources
  Catholic Resources
  R.E. Online
  Teaching About Refugees (at UNHCR)
  Trócaire Primary Education Resources

  St. Patrick's Journey (at BBC Northern Ireland)
  Turas Naomh Pádraig

  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

  God Checker: Your Guide to the Gods
  Mary Pages (Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
  Religion Facts
  Religions Of The World
  Sacred Destinations
  Saints & Angels Online
  World Religions (at URI Kids)
  World Religions Map (at PBS Learning Media)

Virtual Tours
  Christchurch Cathedral Dublin
  Ennis Cathedral Virtual Tour
  Vatican (Sistine Chapel)
  Vatican (St. Peter’s Basilica)

Updated: 28 January 2021