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Useful Science Sites
  Amazing Human Body
  Around the Galaxy with Peter and Paul
  BBC Science Clips
  Braille Bug
  Classroom Activities (at Mus. of Science, Chicago)
  E Chalk Illusions
  Encyclopedic Entries (Science & Geography)
  Energy Hog
  The experiMENTALS
      - Online Science Activities
  Explore the Moon
  Frontiers for Young Minds (Science by kids for kids)
  Google Space Exploration
  Home Experiments (at
  How Everday Things Are Made
  How Your Eye Works
  Invention Dimension
  Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
  Leonardo: The Codex Leicester
  Listen: Making Sense of Sound (at Exploratorium)
  MAMBO - Me And My Body
  Microbe Magic
  Microbe World
  Miscellaneous Optical Illusions
  NASA Kids
  NASA Space Place
  Neuroscience for Kids
  Optical Illusions & Visual
  Power Discovery Zone
  Planet Aqua
  Primary Science Ireland
  Propelled by Pedals
  Science Detectives Training Room Escape
  Science 4 Fun
  Science Interactives (at Children's University)
  Science News for Students
  The Senses
  24/7 Science
  Skytopia - Dynamic Optical Illusions
  Solar System Exploration (at NASA Science)
  Solar System Scope
  The Space Place
  Twig Science Reporter (Science News)
  Strange Matter
  Thunk.Com - Secret Codes
  Try Science
  Windows to the Universe

  All About Frogs
  ASPCA Kids (formerly Animaland)
  Animal Facts
  Animal Inquiry Tool (at Read Write Think)
  Animals by Continent (at Enchanted Learning)
  Antarctic Wildlife
  Badger Watch Ireland
  Bats 4 Kids
  Biodiversity in Schools
  Bird Guides
  BirdWatch Ireland
  Breeds of Dogs
  Breeds of Livestock
  Butterflies of Ireland
  Canadian Hinterland Who's Who
  The Cheetah Spot
  The Dino Directory
  Dinosaurs (at Scholastic)
  Eco Detectives
  The Electronic Zoo
  Elephant Information Repository
  Endangered Specie
  Especies Fact Sheets
  ES2000 (Endangered Species)
  Foxwatch Ireland
  The Froggy Page
  The Horse
  Horse Breeds
  Irish Animals on the Web
  Irish Birds (at Edmund Rice School Tramore)
  iSpot (Wildlife Identifier)
  Kids Astronomy
  Know Your Garden Bird Song
  Let's Talk About Insects
  Life Cycles (at Espresso)
  Mooney Goes Wild
  National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles
  National Geographic Kids
  Nature Sound Map
  PestWorld for Kids
  Planetpals Earthzone
  Poisonous Plants & Animals
  Rainforest Animals (at Enchanted Learning)
  The Secret Life of Trees
  Secrets of the Ocean Realm
  Sheep 101
  Something Fishy
  Species in Pieces
  The Spider Myths Site
  Spring Alive
  Switcheroo Zoo
  Wall Of Birds (at Cornell Lab)
  What Tree Is It?
  WWF Global Network
  Zoom Dinosaurs

Games and Activities
  Antarctic Food Web Game
  Bat Sense
  Become a Forest Expert (at The Forest Academy)
  Blobz (Interactive Electrical Circuits Guide)
  Build a Dinosaur (at Scholastic)
  Carbon Cycle Game
  Darwin's Footsteps
  Dinosaster (at Culture Street)
  Earth, Sun and Moon (at BBC Schools)
  eMammal Lite (Animal Identification Game)
  Endangered Species Game (at Sheppard Software)
  Extreme Planet Makeover (at Calif. Inst. of Technology)
  Feed The Dingo (Ecosystem Game)
  Food Chain Game (Use IE)
  Go React (Combine Elements to Generate Reactions)
  Gorilla (Angles & Forces Game)
  Guts and Bolts (Build a Human Cyborg)
  Habitats (st Smithsonian Science)
  How Big Is Space? (at BBC)
  Humans And Animals (at ABPI Schools)
  The Interactive Ear
  Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (at BBC)
  Jungle Leopardy (Ecosystem Game)
  Life Stages (at Storm Educational)
  Little Alchemy (Exploratory Science Activity)
  Measure Yourself (at Lawrence Hall of Science)
  Mission Migration Game (at
  Mystery Animal
  Nanospace (Game about Atoms and Molecules)
  Nature Sketchpad (at PBS Kids)
  Pairing For Early Science (at Storm Educational)
  PhET Circuit Construction Kit
  Pink Trombone (Virtual Voice Box)
  Protective Colouration Game (at Meddy Bemps)
  Shutterbugs Wiggle And Stomp
  Sorting For Science (at Storm Educational)
  Total Darkness (at Science Museum Group)
  Transformasaur (at Nat.Museum Scotland))
  Who's The Pest?
Game and Activity Collections
  Arkive Fun Stuff
  American Chemistry Society Games
  BBC Science Clips
  Canadian Museum of Culture Interactives
  Climate Kids Games
  Ecokids Interactive Games
      - Ecokids Climate Change Games
  Encyclopaedia Britannica Games Collection
  Insect Games (at Pestworld)
  Kids Nutrition Games (at Nourish Interactive)
  Kinetic City (Science Activities)
  KS2 Bitesize English/Maths/Science Activities (at BBC)
  Legends Of Learning
  Nature Detectives Online Games
  Planet Arcade (at NOAA)
  PBS Ecosystem and Habitat Games
  Recyclezone Fun
  Science Lives Here (at The Royal Institution)
  Science Museum Games
  Science of Music (at Exploratorium)
  Science World Games
  Science Zone
  Seterra Interactive Anatomy Quizzes
  Sheppard Software Science Activities
  Smithsonian Science Center Games
  24/7 Science Games and Activities
  Wild Games (at Kids Planet)

  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

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  Animal Photos
  Baby Animalz
  Digital Images of the Sky
  Discovering Antarctica Image Library
  Earth Science World Image Bank
  GRIN - Great Images in NASA
  Images of the World
  Jungle Photos
  NASA Images
  NBII Digital Image Library
  NOAA Photo Library
  Smithsonian Wild (Camera Traps)
  Space Radar Images of Earth
  Zooborns (Newborn Zoo Animals)

  ARKive (Images and Video)
  BBC Nature Video Collections
      - BBC African Wildlife Collection
      - BBC Garden Birds Collection
  Elephant Videos
  Periodic Videos (Every Element Explained)
  10 Amazing Youtube Animal Videos
  The Wild Classroom (Science Videos)
  Zoo Borns (Images and Video)

Teacher Sites
  Science Snacks
  Teaching Science

Updated: 27 February 2019