Online Resources for Social, Personal and Health Education


Useful Websites
  Clic News (News Site for Primary School Children)
  Cool Food Planet
  Food Dudes
  Food Pyramid for Kids
  The Food Time Line
  Kids Against Bullying
  Kids Health
  Quandary (Game to promote ethical problem-solving)
  Sugar Stacks
  Watch Your Space

  BBC Bitesize Health Living Class Clips (KS1)
  BBC Bitesize (KS2)
  Food Group Games (at Nourish Interactive)

  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

  Handwashing Resources

Sun Safety
  George the Sun Safe Superstar

Farm Safety
  AgriKids Farm Safety

Online Safety
  Band Runner (Online Safety Game)
  Digital Compass
  Digital Passport
  HTML Heroes (at Webwise)
  Interland (from Google)
  Jessie and Friends
  Living Online (Ruff Ruffman - HMG)
  Think U Know
  Webwise (Children's Page)


Teacher Resources
  BBC Teach - PSHE (UK) (Ages 5-7)
  BBC Teach - PSHE (UK) (Ages 7-11)
  17 Rules to Protect My Child Online
  Teaching Digital Citizenship
  Webwise (Internet Safety Resources)

Updated: 29 March 2021