Online Creative Writing Tools


Digital Storytelling Tools
  Book Cover Creator (at Read Write Think)
  Boom Writer - Writing Motivator (Sign-up Required)
  Folding Story
  Inklewriter (Create interactive stories)
  Little Bird Tales
  My eBook
  My Story Book
  Nativity Story Maker
  Night Zookeeper (Create Animals and Write About Them)
  Picture a Story
  Picture Book Maker (at Culture Street)
  Story Creator (at Myths and Legends)
  Story Jumper
  Story Maker (at ABCYa!)
  Tikatok (Kids Create Books)
  Twine (Create Intertacvtive Stories)
  Twisty Noodle Make Your Own Book
  Word Writer (at Boom Writer)
  Write A Book Review (at Scholastic)
  Write Reader

Best Free Non-online Alternative
  Microsoft Photo Story 3 (Download and Installation Reqd.)

Writing Planning Tools
  Cube Creator (Story Planning Tool)
  Essay Map (at Read Write Think)

Story Starters / Writing Prompts
  Got an Inkling (Creative Writing Prompts)
  Myhts Brainstorming Machine (at Scholastic)
  Pic Lits (Pictures as Creative Writing Prompts)
  Pobble 365 (daily picture to inspire creativity)
  Promptuarium (Story Starters and Prompts)
  Story Starters (at Scholastic)
  Toasted Cheese (Writing Prompts for older children)
  Visual Prompts (Creative Writing Prompts)
  Write About (Inspiring Writing Ideas)

Poetry Tools
  Diamente Poems Creator (at Read Write Think)
  Poetry Idea Machine (at Scholastic)
  Theme Poems (at Read, Write, Think)
  Write Rhymes

Other Creative Writing Support Tools
  Alphabet Organizer (Create alphabet book or chart)
  Character Scrapbook (at Scholastic)
  Clone Zone (Tweak World's Most Popular Websites)
  Fakebook (Create Proflies for Fictional/Historical Characters)
  Flip Book (at Read, Write, Think)
  Letter Generator (at Read, Write, Think)
  Myths Brainstorming Machine (at Scholastic)
  News Jack (Newspaper Text Replacement Tool)
  Newspaper Clipping Generator
  Newspaper Front Page Generator
  100 Word Challenge
  Postcard Maker (at Read Write Think)
  Printing Press (at Read Write Think)
  SMS Text Conversation Simulator (at Classtools)
  Sound Cite (Place audio within lines of text)
  Story Map JS (at Knight Lab)
  Story Toolz
  Thriller Titles (at Teach It)
  Word Mover (at Read, Write, Think)
  Word Tamer (Writing Stimulation Tool)

Comic Makers
  Create Your Own Comic (Superhero Squad)
  Make Beliefs Comix
  Strip Generator (Use Chrome or Firefox)
  Super Action Comic Maker
  ToonDoo (Sign-up Required)
  Toony Tool (Single Image Cartoon Maker)
  Witty Comics (Comic Maker)
Also available for iPad

            Updated 6 July 2017