Online Summer Course 2018

Online Tools
Online Image Editing Tools Use these tools to fix or edit pictures, or to add special effects to them.

Online Image Creation Tools Use these tools to draw your own pictures.

Online Creative Writing Tools An interesting collection of online tools which support and encourage children's creative writing.

Other Online Writing Support Tools There are many other tools to help children with their writing, not just for spelling and grammar, but also for using and editing text.

Online Sound and Music Tools There are many highly engaging tools to help children create and edit their own music; and to record and edit sound.

Online Video and Presentation Tools Children can present their work in exciting new ways using video and animation creation tools, or simple online presentation tools that offer an alternative to PowerPoint and Keynote.

Collaborative Online Tools All the best online tools that facilitate collaborative activities are gathered together here.

Other Miscellaneous Online Tools Tools are also available for many other activities such as making personalised maps, timelines and graphs, as well as for mind-mapping and brainstorming.

Custom Resource Makers A list of the best online tools for teachers to make their own customised worksheets, wordsearches, puzzles, flashcards, etc.

Tutorials Watch these tutorials if you want a quick demonstration of how some of the tools work.

Supplementary Resources
Sound and Music Files Here are some sites that provide access to sounds and music for use by teachers.

Free iPad Tools (or nearly free) Here is a list of great free, or nearly free, tools that are available for the iPad.