Online Sound and Music Tools


Music Makers
  Arpeggios (at Chrome Music Lab)
  Audiotool (Advanced Music Mixing Tool)
  Button Bass
  Chords (at Chrome Music Lab)
  Compose Music (at Arts Alive)
  Composerizer (at SFS Kids)
  Compose Your Very Own Music (at Classics for Kids)
  Composition Workshop (at NY Phil Kidzone)
  Dot Mixer (at Exploratorium)
  Get Started Making Music (at Ableton Learning Music)
  Global Groovin' - Music Mixer (at PBS Kids)
  Green Frame (at Button Bass)
  Instrument Garden (at SFS Kids)
  Isle Of Tune (Build a Musical Landscape)
    - Isle Of Tune Sample
  Make Some Chords (at Ableton Learning Music)
  Melody Maker (at Chrome Music Lab)
  Musical Bottles (at Storm Educational)
  Music Mountain (at SFS Kids)
  Patatap (Use Keyboard Keys to Create)
  Perfect Pitch (Take the Field and choose 'Create a Lineup' to compose)
  Pitch and Rhythm Game (at Creating
  Pitch Game (at Creating
  Raindrop Melody Maker
  Science of Music (Exhibits at Exploratorium)
  Scribble Audio
  Seaquence (Musical Experimentation)
  Sheep Beats (Music Sequencer)
  Song Maker (at Chrome Music Labs)
  Sound Infusion (World Music Tool)
  Sound Trap (Signup Reqd)
  String Thing
  Wolfram Tones
  The World in Tune (at Expedia)
  World Music Composer (at National Museum of Scotland)

Ambient Sound Tools
  Ambient Mixer (Find, Mix and Create Ambient Sounds)
  Build a Soundscape (Using Sounds from Nature)
  The Dungeon (at Tabletop Audio)
  GBIF Soundscape
  GoMixIt (Mix and Save Ambient Sounds)
  Hipster Sound (Ambience Tool)
  Mood Turn (Set Classroom Atmosphere)
  My Noise
  Nature Sound Map
  Noisli (Ambience Tool with Word Processor)
  A Soft Murmur (Ambience Tool)
  Soundboard (Atmospheric Classroom Sounds)
  Virtual Blue Whale

  Tony-B (Retro Synthesizer)

Virtual Instruments
  Virtual Bongos
  Virtual Drumming
  Virtual Drums
  Virtual Pan-Pipes
  The Virtual Piano
  Virtual Theramin
  Virtual Xylophone

Drum Machines
  Drumbot - Online Drum Machine (Works best in Internet Explorer)
  Make Beats (at Ableton Learning Music)
  Monkey Machine - Online Drum Machine (Works best in Internet Explorer)
  Online Drum Circle (at Exploratorium)
  Rhythm (at Chrome Musioc Lab)
  Step Remix (at Exploratorium)
  Type Drummer

Music Utilities
  Acoustic Guitar Tuner (at
  Autochords (Chord Progressions)
  Guitar Tuner
  Highly Accessible Metronome
  Metronome Online
  Virtual Guitar Tuner

Collaborative Music Makers

Voice Recorders / Podcast Makers
  Anchor (Easy podcast tool)
  Audiopal (Voice Recorder)
  Blabberize (Add your voice to an animated picture)
  Clash (Make Messages with Popular Audio Samples)
  Clyp It (Voice Recorder)
  Huffduffer (Podcasting Tool)
  Online Voice Recorder
  Sound Cite (Place audio within lines of text)
  Speak Pipe Voice Recorder
  Twisted Wave (Sound Recording and Editing)
  Vocaroo (Voice Recorder)
  Voki (Creates Talking Avatars)

Sound File Creators from Text
  Read 2 Me (Creates podcasts from articles)
  Sound of Text (Convert Text to Sound)
  Text 2 Voiceover
  Voz Me (Convert Text to MP3)

Sound File Editors
  Beautiful Audio Editor
  Cut MP3 (MP3 cutter)
  Online Audio Cutter (
  Online Audio Joiner (Stitches sound flies together)
  Pitch Shifter (Change key/pitch of music file)
  Time Stretcher (Change tempo ofmusic file)
  Twisted Wave (Sound Recording and Editing)

Tool Collections
  Chrome Music Lab
  123 Apps

File Conversion
  Convert Files
  Full Rip (YouTube to MP3)
  Mp3ify (YouTube video to MP3)
  You Convert It

Best Free Non-online Alternatives
  Audacity - Records, Edits and Converts (Download and Installation Reqd.)
  MP3 to My MP3 - Records from computer (Download and Installation Reqd.)
  Wave Pad - Sound Recorder and Editor (Download and Installation Reqd.)

Updated 28 June 2018

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