Custom Resource Makers

Badge Makers
  Make Badges

Bingo Card Makers
  Bingo Baker
  Bingo Card Creator (at Sight
  Make Your Own Bingo Cards
  My Free Bingo Cards

Calendar Makers
  Calendar Labs
  Calendars Quick
  Calendars That Work
  ePrintable Calendars
  Free Online PDF Calendars
  Printable Calendar
  PDF Calendar

Certificate Makers
  AAA Certificates
  Certificate Street
  Kids Certs
  123 Certificates

Colouring Sheet Creators
  Tracing Sheet Designer (at
  Twisty Noodle Colouring Pages

Crossword Creators
  Criss-Cross Maker (at Puzzlemaker)
  Crossword Labs (PDF or Electronic Puzzle)
  Crossword Maker (Printable or Electronic)
  Crossword Puzzle Maker (at Armoured Penguin)
  Crossword Puzzle Maker (at Teachers' Corner)
  Instant Crossword Maker
  Just Crosswords
  Make Printable Crosswords

Wordsearch Generators
  Busy Teacher Wordsearch Maker
  Free Wordsearch
  Word Search (at Puzzlemaker)
  Word Search Builder (at Pedagonet)

  Word Shapes Worksheets (at A-Z Teacher Stuff)

Dice Makers
  Dice Maker (at Tools for Educators)

Flashcard Makers
  A+ Math Flashcard Creator
  Flash Card Printer (at SEN Teacher)
  Scholastic Double-Sided Flashcard Maker
  Sight Words Flash Card Maker
  Word Workshop (at Scholastic)

Label Makers
  Acme Label Maker
  My Label (Label Maker)
  Word Workshop (at Scholastic)

Loop Game Card Makers
  Loop Card Set Generator
  Math Follow Me Cards Generator

Map Creation Tools
  Map Maker Interactive (at National Geographic)
  Owl & Mouse Megamaps (Make Maps from 30-200cm)
  Printable Paintable World Map

Graphic Organisers
  Graphic Organisers (at Recipes4Success)
  Holt Interactive Graphic Organisers
  Venn Diagram Maker

Paper Design Tools
  Amazing Handwriting Worksheets
  Blank Sheet Music
  Dynamic Paper (at Illuminations)
  Free Graph Paper (at Incompetech)
  Free Handwriting Tracing Paper
  Graph Paper at Math Drills.Com
  Griddzly (Make Your Own Grid Paper)
  Handwriting Practice Pro
  Handwriting Worksheet Maker (at A to Z Teacher)
  Maze Generator
  Paper Kit (Customised Graph Paper)
  Print Free Graph Paper

Schedule Creators
  Interactive Planner for Caregivers

Timeline Makers
  Time Line Maker (at Teachnology)
Display Generators
  AutoMotivator (Motivational Posters)
  Block Posters (Giant Poster Printing Tool)
  Canva (Poster Maker)
  Custom Chore Chart (at DLTK)
  Design Cap (Poster Maker)
  Printing Press (at Read Write Think)
  Quotes Cover
  Quozio (Use quotes to make posters)
  Recite This (Use quotes to make posters)
  Visual Supports Maker (at Connectability)

Word Cloud Makers
  ABCya! Word Clouds for Kids
  Answer Garden (Feedback in a Word Cloud)
  Kotobana (Word Flowers)
  Tagul (now called 'Word Art')
  To Cloud
  Typo Effects
  Word Art (formerly 'Tagul')
  Word Cloud (by Jason Davies)
  Word It Out
  Word Mosaic (at Image Chef)
  Dynamic Text Creators
  Bart's Blackboard
  Beach Text (at Image Chef)
  Breaking News Generator (at Class Tools)
  Dr. Seuss Speech Bubble Generator
  Einstein's Blackboard (at Dynamic Images)
  Headline Generator (at Class Tools)
  Image Chef Collection of Novelty Text Tools
  Image Generator (Just change the text)
  Microsoft Newsletter Templates
  Movie Text Generator (at Class Tools)
  Newspaper Article Generator
  Newspaper Headline Generator
  Text Generators (at

Infographic Makers
  Canva Infographic Maker

Worksheet Generators
  Catpin Bubble Test Generator
  Custom Spelling Activities (at
  Double Puzzle Maker (at Busy Teacher)
  Lesson Corner Maths Worksheets
  Lesson Corner Puzzlemakers
  Magic Vocabulary (Worksheet and Game Generator)
  Make Clocks (at SEN Teacher)
  Math-Aids (Dynamically Created Math Worksheets)
  Math Fact Cafe
  Math Worksheet Genarator (at Canadian Teacher)
  The Math Worksheet Site
  Superkids Maths Worksheet Maker
  Test Maker (at Help Teaching)
  Tools For English Cloze Worksheet Maker
  Twisty Noodle Worksheets
  Vocab Quiz Maker (at Scholastic)
  Word Scramble Maker (at Busy Teacher)
  Worksheet Genius
  Worksheet Works

  Gaeilge - Fearas agus Acmhainní Éagsúla (ag Seomra Ranga)
  Gaeilge - Póstaeir (ag Seomra Ranga)

Teacher Tool Collections
  Armored Penguin
  A to Z Teacher Stuff
  Big Huge Labs
  Brenden is Teaching
  Busy Teacher
  DLTK Customisable Printables
  Ed Helper
  Education World
  Personal Educational Press
  Pro Profs
  QUIA (not free)
  Recipes 4 Success
  SEN Teacher
  Super Teacher Tools (Millionaire, Jeopardy, etc.)
  Teacher Files
  Tools for Educators
  Word Mint

      Also available for iPad
      Also available for Android Tablets
Tools to Download
  Eclipse Crossword Maker
  Hot Potatoes

Non-Customisable Resources
  Background Paper (at Teacher Files)
  Chart Jungle
  Grammar Check Infographics
  Lined Pages (at Seomra Ranga)
  Math Worksheets (at
  Padlet Backgrounds
  Paper Zip (Free Resources for Primary Education)
  Pattern Blocks
  Seomra Ranga
  Shape-Book Patterns
  Teachers Printables

Electronic Activity/Game Makers
  ABC Spelling Wizard (at Scholastic)
  Clone Zone (Tweak World's Most Popular Websites)
  Cloze Test Generator
  Connect Fours (at Classtools.Net)
      - Connect Fours Example
  Countdown-style Numbers Game
  Crossword Labs (Electronic Crossword Generator)
      - Crossword Labs Example
  Crossword Maker (at Classtools.Net)
      - Crossword Maker Example
  Crossword Puzzle Maker (at Read, Write, Think)
  Curious George Game Maker (at PBS Kids)
  Dustbin - Drag & Drop (at Classtools.Net)
      - Dustbin Drag & Drop Example
  e Quiz Show
  Factile (Formerly 'Jeopardy Rocks') - Jeopardy Game Maker
  Flippity (Make Games from Google Spreadsheets)
  Flip Quiz (Game Show Style Quiz Maker)
  Game On World (Geography Game Maker)
  Image Quiz (Picture Quiz Maker)
  Interactive Wordsearch Generator (at ABCya)
  Jeopardy Labs (Jeopardy Game Maker)
  Jeopardy Rocks - Jeopardy Game Maker (now called 'Factile')
  Kahoot (Student Response System)
  Kubbu Activity Generator (Registration Reqd)
  Learn Click (Cloze Test Maker)
  Make Your Own Game (at What2Learn)
  Math Electronic Worksheet Generator
  Mini Word Search Creator (at ABCYa)
  Mission Map Quest (at
  Pac-Man Game Maker (at
      - Pacman Example
  Pro Profs Brain Games
  Pro Profs Quiz Maker
      - Pro Profs Quiz Example
  Quizalize (Classroom Response System)
  Quiz Bean (Formerly 'Quiz Poo')
      - Quiz Bean Example
      - Quizbusters Example
  Riddle (Poll and Quiz Maker)
  Sketch Nation (Game Creator)
  Socrative (Engagement and Assessment Tool)
  Solve Me Puzzles
  Speedmatch (at Super Teacher Tools)
      - Speedmatch Example
  Testmoz (Test Generator)
      - Testmoz Example
  That Quiz
  Triventy (Collaborative Classroom Quizzes) - Worksheet Maker (Signup Reqd.)
      - Wizer Me Example
  Word Wall (Signup Reqd.)
      - Word Wall Example
  Zunal (Webquest Maker)

Electronic Jigsaw Makers
  Befuddler (Flickr Users can Use Personal Pix)
  Daily Jigsaw Puzzles
  Jigsaw Planet
  The Jigsaw Puzzles
  Pro Profs Jigsaw Creator
      - Pro Profs Jigsaw Maker Example

            Updated: 20 June 2018

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