Whole-Class Teaching Tools
for screens and interactive whiteboards


  Abacus (at ICT Games)
  Addition and Subtraction Tool
  Angle Measurer (at TeacherLed.com)
  Area Builder (at PhET)
  Base Block Subtraction
  Basic Angle Tool
  Circle Construction Tool (at Mathspad)
  Clock (ag Toy Theater)
  An Clog Cainteach (ag CCEA)
  Coin Calculator (at ICT Games)
  Cuisenaire Environment (at NRICH)
  Equivalent Fractions Demonstration Tool (at ICT Games)
  Fish Times Tables
  Fraction Bars (at Math Playground)
  Fraction Bars (at Teacher Led.Com)
  Fraction Decimal Percent Virtual Manipulatives (at ABCYa)
  Fraction Number Line (at Didax.com)
  Fractions: Intro (PhET)
  Fractions: Mixed Numbers (PhET)
  Fractions Teaching Tool (at Math Learning Center)
  Fraction Wall (at Maths Bot)
  Fraction Wall (at Visnos)
  Geoboard (at Math Learning Center)
  Geoboard (at Math Playground)
  Geoboard (at Maths Bot)
  Geoboard (at NL Virtual Manipulatives)
  Geoboard (at Toy Theater)
  Geometric Solids (at Illuminations)
  Interactive Clock (at Teacher Led)
  Interactive Clock (Time, Angles and Fractions)
  Interactive 100 Square (at ICT Games)
  Interactive Number Chart (at Math Playground)
  Interactive Triangles
  Marble Jar Estimation Tool (at Toy Theater)
  Math Balance (at Didax.com)
  Math Clock (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Balance (at Math Zone)
  Number Line (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Frames (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Pieces (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Rack (at Math Learning Center)
  100 Square (at Math Zone)
  Paint The Squares (at Top Marks)
  Partial Product Finder (at Math Learning Center)
  Pattern Blocks (at Didax.com)
  Pattern Shapes (at Math Learning Center)
  Percentage Fraction Decimals Grid
  Percentage Fraction Decimal Wheel
  Polygon Properties Explorer
  Polypod (at Mathigon)
  Quadrilateral (at PhET Simulations)
  Rod Fractions (at NRICH)
  Rubber Band Reckoner (Estimation Tool)
  Same or Different
  Shifting Shapes (Shape Exploration Tool)
  Sieve of Eratosthenes (100 Square)
  Teaching Clock (at Top Marks)
  Ten Frame (at ICT Games)
  Tessalation Creator (at Illuminations)
  Thinking Blocks
  Two Colour Counters (at Didax.com)
  Two Clocks Side-by-Side (at Visnos)
  Venn Diagram (at Read Write Think)
  Venn Diagrams (at NRICH)

Literacy Tools
  Elkonin Boxes (at Toy Theater)
  Kids Magnetic Poetry Kit
  Image Reveal Maker (at Classtools.net)
      - Image Reveal Example
  Letter Tiles (at Really Great Reading)
  Make Your Own Manipulatives (at Flippity)

  An Aimsir (ag Cúla4)
  An Clog Cainteach (ag CCEA)

  GE Teach (Google Maps Teaching Resource)
  Google Maps
  Gribrouillon (Draw on Maps)
  LandSat Explorer
  Map Crunch (Explore Google Street Views)
  Scribble Maps

  Time Graphics Timeline Editor

  Go Noodle (Get Kids Moving)
  Move To Learn (YouTube Channel)

  Metronome Online
  Online Metronome (at iMusic School)
  Music Clock (at Dabbledoo Music)

  Circuit Construction Kit

Games with IWB Potential
  ABC Match (at Read Write Think)
  Bunny and Angles Game
  Countdown-style Numbers Game
  Counting Caterpillar Game
  Hangman (Make Your Own)
  Hangmouse (at Vocabulary Learning Fun)
  Make a Number (at Math Playground)
  Money Master (at Maths Is Fun)
  Mostly Postie
  Sentence Doctor

IWB Activity and Tool Collections
  Braining Camp (not free)
  Didax Virtual Manipulatives for Math
  DreamBox Learning - Teacher Tools
  Fractions & Decimals Teaching Resources
  GeoGebra (Interactive Whiteboards and Manipulatives)
  Interactive Whiteboard Activities (at Scholastic)
  Math Learning Center
  Math Manipulatives (at Math Playground)
  Maths Bot Manipulatives
  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  PhET Math Simulations
  PhET Math Simulations (Elementary Level)
  Shapes and Measures (at Teacher LED)
  Teaching Tools (at ICT Games)
  Top Marks Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  Virtual Manipulatives (Toy Theater)

          Also available for iPad
          Also available for Android Tablets

Online Whiteboard Software
  Autodraw (from Google)
  Class Flow (Sign up reqd.)
  Classroom Screen
  Canvas (from Google)
  Math Whiteboard
  Prowise Presenter
  Whiteboard (at Math Learning Center)

Live Online Collaborative Boards
  Draw Chat (Shared Board with Sound and Video)
  Explain Everything
  Google Drawings
  Google Jamboard
  Gribrouillon (Draw on Maps)
  Kami (Signup reqd.)
  Limnu - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Miro Lite
  Notebook Cast
  Real Time Board (now called Miro)
  Scribblar - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Sketch Board
  Twiddla (Write and Draw Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Web Whiteboard
  Whiteboard Chat
  Whiteboard Fi (Multifunction System)
  Whiteboard Fox
  Witeboard (Simple Shareable Board)

Miscellaneous Whiteboard Tools
  Exit Poll - Interactive Whiteboard Polling Tool

Brainstorming / Mind-Mapping Tools
  Answer Garden (Feedback in a Word Cloud)
  Bubbl.us - Brainstorming Tool
  Loopy (with Animated Graphics)
  Mind 42
  Mind Maps
  Mind Mup

Whole Class iPad Apps
  Doodle Buddy
  Draw Free
  Frames Geoboard
  Geometry Pad
  Graphing Calculator (Free)
  Know Lounge
  Line em Up
  Number Line
  Number Rack
  Math Slide 100
  Math Slide 1000
  Motion Math Zoom
  Screen Chomp
  Show Me
  Singapore Math Bar Models Gr. 3 (other grades available)
  Teaching Table (Not Free)
  Teamistr (Divide Class into Groups)
  Ten Frame Fill
  Think 3D
  Virtual Manipulatives

Whole Class Android Apps
  Sound Meter

IWB Software to Install
  Open Board (free)

          Updated 14 March 2024