Non-whole Class
Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Whole Class Teaching Resources


  Addition and Subtraction Tool
  Angle Measuring Tool (at
  Angle Sums (at Illuminations)
  Analog Clock
  Analog/Digital Time (at Mr. Myers.Org)
  Area Tool - Advanced (at Illuminations)
  Base Block Subtraction
  Base 10 Blocks
  Base 10 Manipulatives
  Basic Angle Tool
  Big Blue Calculator
  Big Online Calculator
  Capacity Tool (at TES iBoard)
  Christmas Tree Symmetry
  Class Birthday Chart
  Comparing Line Lengths
  Co-ordinates Grid
  Counter Square
  Counting Fish
  Crick's Interactive 100 Square
  Equivalence Number Line
  Equivalence Teaching Tool - Bars
  Equivalence Teaching Tool - Pies
  Equivalence Teaching Tool - Pies and Bars
  Fish Times Tables
  Fraction and Decimal Wall (at Espresso)
  Fraction Bars (at Math Playground)
  Fraction Bars (at Teacher Led.Com)
  Fractions Teaching Tool (at Math Learning Center)
  Fraction Scale (at Math Playground)
  Fraction Strip
  Fraction Wall
  Geoboard (at Math Learning Center)
  Geoboard (at NL Virtual Manipulatives)
  Geometric Solids (at Illuminations)
  Grid Maths
  Interactive Circle (at Learn Alberta)
  Interactive 100 Number Chart (at ABCYa)
  Interactive 100 Square
  Interactive Spinners (To Investigate Chance and Probability)
  Money Machine (at Teaching Money)
  Number Line (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Line Estimator
  Number Line Interactive
  Number Frames (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Pieces (at Math Learning Center)
  Number Rack (at Math Learning Center)
  Pattern Shapes (at Math Learning Center)
  Percentage Fraction Decimals Grid
  Percentage Fraction Decimal Wheel
  Pictoram Graph Maker
  Pie Chart Maker
  Polygon Properties Explorer
  Popular Snacks Pictogram Maker
  Protractor Activities
  Scribble 100 Square
  Scribble Tables Square
  Sieve of Eratosthenes (100 Square)
  Super Sequencer
  Teaching Clock (at eChalk)
  Teaching Clock with current time (at Time-for-Time)
  Teaching Clock with current time (at WM Net)
  TES iBoard Class Clock
  Tessalation Creator (at Illuminations)
  Thinking Blocks
  Time Angles and Fractions
  Triangular Cards (Number Bonds)
  2 Clocks Side-by-Side (at Visnos)
  Venn Diagram (at Read Write Think)
  Virtual Geoboard (at Connections Learning)
  Virtual Geoboard (at
  Virtual Pinboard
  What Time Is It Now?

  Alphabet Writing (at HWB)
  Countdown Conundrum
  Countdown TV Game (without q,x and z)
  Escaped Animals
  Letter Formation
  Look, Cover, Write and Check (Spelling)
  Question Generator
  Spatial Concepts 1 (at Chateau Meddybemps)
  Spatial Concepts 2 (at Chateau Meddybemps)
  Spatial Concepts 3 (at Chateau Meddybemps)
  Visuals for Language Instruction

  Compass Points and Grid References
  GE Teach (Google Maps Teaching Resource)
  Google Maps
  Irish Counties
  Map Crunch (Explore Google Street Views)
  Scribble Maps
  Season Scenes

  Toy Timeline
  Transport Timeline

  Games Coaching Tool (at HWB)
  Move Mixer (Dance Creation Tool)

  Nativity Story Maker

  Highly Accessible Metronome
  Metronome Online
  Music Clock (at Dabbledoo Music)
  Songs and Actions

  Active-Maths Timer (Customisable Timers)
  Classroom Timer (at
  Classtools Timer
  Clock Tab
  Countdown Timer (at
  Google (Just type in 'set timer')
  Online Eggtimer
  Online Stopwatch
  Split Flap Counter (at Super Teacher Tools)
  Split Flap Timer (at Super Teacher Tools)
  Super Timer
  Teach It Timer
  Timer Pop

Miscellaneous Tools - Brainstorming Tool
  Fruit Machine (Random Name or Word Picker)
  Hangman (at Super Teacher Tools)
  Just Flip A Coin
  Lights Out Spotlight Tool (at
  Loopy (with Animated Graphics)
  Name Picker Wheel (at
  Name Pick Ninja
  Random Name Generator (at Super Teacher Tools)
  Random Name Selector
  Random Spinners
  Roll the Dice (1,2 or 3 dice)
  Teaching Tools (at Barry Fun English)
  Team Maker (Divide Class into Teams)
  Virtual Dice
  Wheel Decide

Classroom Ambience Tools
  Ambient Mixer (Find, Mix and Create Ambient Sounds)
  Build a Sound Scape (Using Sounds from Nature)
  Coffitivity (Ambience Tool)
  The Dungeon (at Tabletop Audio)
  Go Mix It (Mix and Save Ambient Sounds)
  Mood Turn (Set Classroom Atmosphere)
  Nature Sound Map
  My Noise
  Noisli (Ambience Tool)
  A Soft Murmur (Ambience Tool)
  Soundboard (Atmospheric Classroom Sounds)
  Tabletop Audio
  Virtual Blue Whale

Noise Level Meters
  Bouncy Balls
  Calm Counter
  Too Noisy

Classroom Management Systems
  Class Badges (Sign Up Required)
  Class Charts (Sign Up Required)
  Class Dojo (Sign Up Required)
  Class 123 (Sign up Required)
  Classroom Set Up Tool (at Scholastic)

Whole Class Games (Examples)
  ABC Match (at Read Write Think)
  Banana Hunt
  Countdown-style Numbers Game
  Grammar Ninja
  Hangmouse (at Vocabulary Learning Fun)
  Help a Hedgehog (at ICT Games)
  Lionel's Talking Gizmo (at PBS Kids)
  PBS Kids Whiteboard Games

IWB Activity and Tool Collections
  eManipulatives Grade K (at Eduplace)
  eManipulatives Grade 1-2 (at Eduplace)
  eManipulatives Grade 3-6 (at Eduplace)
  Encyclopedia Interactica (at Poisson Rouge)
  eTools (at Pearson/Scott Foresman)
  Fractions & Decimals Teaching Resources
  Interactive Whiteboard Activities (at Scholastic)
  Math Interactives (at Learn Alberta)
  Math Learning Center
  Math Manipulatives (at Math Playground)
  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  Shapes and Measures (at Teacher LED)
  Teacher LED (Latest Resources)
  Teacher LED (Legacy Resources)
  Teaching Money
  TES iBoard
  Top Marks Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  Virtual Manipulatives (McGraw Hill)
  Virtual Manipulatives Directory (Maths)

IWB Flipcharts
  MIC Students' Flipcharts (at Promethean)

Live Online Collaborative Boards
  Board 800- Live Collaborative Whiteboard
  Deek It - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Draw It Live
  Flockdraw - Online Collaborative Drawing
  Limnu - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Notebook Cast
  Real Time Board
  Scribblar - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Scriblink - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Skrbl - Online Collaborative Whiteboard
  Sneffel (Live Simultaneous Collaborative Doodle)
  Stoodle (Live Whiteboard with Microphone)
  Web Whiteboard
  Whiteboard Fox

Online Whiteboard Software
  Web Whiteboard (not free)

Whole Class iPad Apps
  Doodle Buddy
  Draw Free
  Frames Geoboard
  Geometry Pad
  Graphing Calculator (Free)
  Know Lounge
  Line em Up
  Number Line
  Number Rack
  Math Slide 100
  Math Slide 1000
  Motion Math Zoom
  Screen Chomp
  Singapore Math Bar Models Gr. 3 (other grades available)
  Teaching Table (Not Free)
  Teamistr (Divide Class into Groups)
  Ten Frame Fill
  Think 3D
  Virtual Manipulatives

Whole Class Android Apps
  Promethean ActivEngage
  Sound Meter

          Also available for iPad
          Also available for Android Tablets

          Updated 26 April 2017