Online Writing Support Tools

Word Processors
  Contexted (Note-taking Tool)
  Draft (Basic Writing Tool)
  Easy Write (Encourages Use of Common Words)
  Google Drive/Google Docs
  Memo Notepad (Online Note-Taker)
  The Most Dangerous Writing App
  Noisli (Ambience Tool with Word Processor)
  Notepad (Online/Offline Note Book)
  Notion (All-in-one Workspace)
  Numbr (A Smart Calculator + Notepad)
  Shrib (Online Notepad)
  Speech Notes (with Voice Recognition)
  Writer - The Online Typewriter
  Write Surge (Minimalist Writing Tool)
  Zen Pen - Clean & Simple Writing Zone

Text Editing Tools
  Alphabetimals (Name Typer)
  Alphabetizer (Alphabetical Ordering Tool)
  Capitalize My Title
  Convert Case
  Cool Symbol
  Copy Char (Non-keyboard characters)
  Copy Paste Character
  Da Font (Interesting Fonts)
  Entypo (Tiny Pictogram Characters)
  Fancy Text Generator (at
  Font Meme (Write using Popular Fonts)
  Font Pair (Find fonts that go Well together)
  Geo Greeting
  Graffiti Creator
  Gzaas! (Create full screen messages)
  Lingojam (Text Converters)
  Messletters (Text Tools)
  Online Text Tools
  Pastebin (Support for Copy and Paste)
  Pilliapp Symbol
  Text Giraffe
  Text Tools (at Miniwebtool.Com)
  Text Tools (at
  Title Case Converter
  Typography Editor
  Word Mark (Help with Font Selection)

EMoji Tools
  AI EMoji Generator
  EMoji Bullet List
  EMoji Copy
  EMoji Finder
  EMoji Kitchen
  EMojiton (Smart EMoji Finder)
  EMoji Translate

Text Summarisation Tools
  Formalizer (AI tool converts plain language to formal language)
  Quill Bot (Paraphrasing Tool)
  Summarize This
  Text Compactor

Handwriting Support Tools
  Writing Repeater

Text Analysis
  Analyze My Writing
  Cliche Finder
  EMoji Translate
  Expresso (Writing style analysis/improvement)
  Hemingway App
  Judge (AI tool that judges the tone of a piece of text)
  Just The Punctuation
  Slick Write
  Textalyser (Detailed Text Analysis)
  Text Analyzser (Word and Phrase Frequency) (Compare 2 pieces of writing)
  Typely (Correct Usage Checker)
  Voyant Tools (Word Frequency Tool)
  Word (Total Word Counter)
  Word (Total Word Counter)
  Word Counter Tool

Spelling and Grammar Checkers
  After The Deadline (Spelling/Grammar Checker)
  Ginger Online Spelling and Grammar Checker
  Grammar Check
  Grammarly (Grammar Checker)
  Grammica (Grammar Checker)
  Language Tool
  Paper Rater (Grammar, Spelling and More)
  Spellcheck Online

Word Clouds
  ABCya! Word Clouds for Kids
  Answer Garden
  Edwordle (Word Cloud Editing Tool)
  Free Word Cloud Generator
  Mentimeter (Display results as word cloud)
  Tagul (now called 'Word Art')
  To Cloud
  Typo Effects
  Word Art (formerly 'Tagul')
  Word Cloud (by Jason Davies)
  Word Cloud Generator (at Monkey Learn)
  Word It Out
  Word Wanderer

Text-to-Speech Readers/Voicemakers
  Abair (An Focal Scríofa go Caint Bheo!)
  Amazon Polly (Not Free)
  Big Speak (AI Tool)
  Fake You AI Tools (Famous characters read your text)
  Free Text to Speech Reader
  From Text To Speech.Com
  Headliner Voices (Celebrities read your text)
  iSpeech Text-to-Speech
  Read The Words
  Read 2 Me (Create podcasts from articles)
  Sound of Text (Convert Text to Sound)
  Speech Gen (Realistic Text-to-Speech AI converter)
  Talkify (Website Reader)
  Text 2
  Uber Duck (Make AI Voiceovers)
  Voice Maker (AI Text to Speech Coverter)

Voice Recognition Tools (Speech Recognition for Chrome) (AI Voice Recognition Tool)
  Speech Notes (Voice Recognition and Text-to-Speech)
  Talk Typer

      Also available for iPad


File Editing and Conversion
  Clever PDF
  Convert Files
  Convert PDF to Word
  Docs Pal
  Easy PDF
  Extract Table (Extract Table from an Image)
  Free PDF Conversion Online
  Geekersoft (Uses OCR to convert image or pdf to Text file)
  Gorilla PDF
  Heyzine - PDF to Flip Book
  I Love PDF
  Msgif (Converts Text to an Animated Gif)
  OCR Space (Converts image or PDF to text)
  Online OCR (Image To Text Converter)
  PDF Escape (PDF Editor and Form Filler)
  PDF to Word
  PDF to Word Converter
  PDF24 Tools
  Small PDF (Reduces PDF file size)
  Word 2 Clean HTML
  You Convert It

Document Annotation
  Kami (PDF Annotation)

            Updated 3 April 2024