Online Writing Support Tools

Word Processors
  Draft (Basic Writing Tool)
  Easy Write (Encourages Use of Common Words)
  Google Drive/Google Docs
  Noisli (Ambience Tool with Word Processor)
  Scrawlar (Word Processor and Whiteboard Combined)
  Writer - The Online Typewriter
  Write Perhect - The Scruffy Wordprocessor
  Zen Pen - Clean & Simple Writing Zone

Text Editing Tools
  Alphabetimals (Name Typer)
  Alphabetizer (Alphabetical Ordering Tool)
  Capitalize My Title
  Copy Paste Character
  Entypo (TIny Pictogram Characters)
  Geo Greeting
  Graffiti Creator
  Newspaper Clipping Generator
  Newspaper Front Page Generator
  Pictotool (Text Pictogram Generator)
  Rewordify (Text Simplification Tool)
  Summarize (Text Summarising Tool)
  Summarize This
  Text Compactor (Text Summarising Tool)
  Text Tools (at Miniwebtool.Com)
  Typography Editor
  Word Mark (Help with Font Selection)

Text Analysis
  Analyze My Writing
  Slick Write
  Text Analyzser (Word and Phrase Frequency)
  Text Compare (Compare 2 pieces of writing)
  Voyant Tools (Word Frequency Tool)
  Word (Word Frequency Analysis)
  Word (Total Word Counter)

Spelling and Grammar Checkers
  After The Deadline (Spelling/Grammar Checker)
  Ginger Online Spelling and Grammar Checker
  Grammar Check
  Spellcheck Online

Handwriting Support Tools
  Alphabet Writing Guide with Practice Pad
  Writing Repeater

Word Clouds
  ABCya! Word Clouds for Kids
  Answer Garden (Feedback in a Word Cloud)
  Kotobana (Word Flowers)
  Tagul (now called 'Word Art')
  To Cloud
  Typo Effects
  Word Art (formerly 'Tagul')
  Word Cloud (by Jason Davies)
  Word It Out
  Word Mosaic (at Image Chef)

Text-to-Speech Readers
  Abair (An Focal Scríofa go Caint Bheo!)
  Free Text To Speech.Com
  iSpeech Text-to-Speech
  Ivona (Text-to-Speech in Many Languages/Accents)
  Read The Words
  Text 2

Voice Recognition Tools (Speech Recognition for Chrome)
  Talk Typer

Citing Tools
  Citebite (Link Directly to Online Quotes)

      Also available for iPad


Collaborative Writing Tools
  Boom Writer
  Google Drive/Google Docs

Live Collaborative Writing Tools
  Meeting Words (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Padlet (formerly 'Wallwisher')
  Pirate Pad (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Primary Pad (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  TitanPad (Write Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Twiddla (Write and Draw Collaboratively in Real Time)
  Wallwisher (now called 'Padlet')

File Conversion
  Convert Files
  Convert PDF to Word
  Docs Pal
  Free PDF Conversion Online
  HTML PDF Converter
  I Love PDF
  PDF Aid (Multiple PDF Tools)
  PDF Doc (PDF to Word / Word to PDF)
  PDF to Word
  Small PDF (Reduces PDF file size)
  Word 2 Clean HTML
  You Convert It

            Updated 28 April 2017