Interactive Games and Activities
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  ABCYa Paint
  ABCya! Word Clouds
  Build Your Wild Self
  Draw A Stick Man
  Hero Machine 2
  Kotobana (Word Flowers)
  Matisse's Pieces (at Toy Theater)
  ParaNorman Stop Motion Zombie Lab
  Picasso Head
  Pollock (Use IE)
  Quick Draw (Drawing Challenge)
  Symmetry Artist (at Maths is Fun)

Early Learning
  Animal Farm Game (at Sheppard Software)
  Colour Game (at Sheppard Software)
  Dress Up (at PBS Kids)
  Kindergarten Shapes - Circles (at A Kids Heart)
  Teletubbies Counting Game

  ABC Match (at Read Write Think)
  Acrostic Poem Maker (at Read Write Think)
  Alphabet Writing Guide with Practice Pad
  Author's Purpose
  Drop A Block (Use IE)
  Fact or Opinion Interactive (at Smart Tutor) (Use IE)
  Grammar Ninja
  Job Mixer (at British Council)
  Knoword (Dictionary Game)
  Lionel's Talking Gizmo (at PBS Kids) (Use IE)
  Painting Game (at Literactive)
  Phonics Games (at Teach Your Monster to Read)
  Proof It! (Spelling and Punctuation Game)
  Sandcastele Phoneme Game (at BBC Schools)
  Semantris (Word Association Games)
  Sentences and Punctuation (at eLearning for Kids)
  Synonym Toast (at Scholastic)
  Vocabulary Matching Game (Use IE)
  Word Out (at Novel Games)
  Word Sort (at Grammaropolis)
  Cad é mar atá an aimsear?
  An Clog Cainteach - Cluiche (ag CCEA)
  Digital Dialects (Vocabulary)
  Foghlaí Focal (ag CCEA)

ICT Skills
  Alpha Quick (Typing Game)
  Typing Rocket (at ABCYa)
  Typing Rocket Junior (at ABCYa)
Brain Teasers/Problem Solving
  Bumper Ducks
  Code Breaker (at Toy Theater)
  Liquid Measure Problems (at
  Mathdoku (at
  Mouse Trap (Use IE)
  0h h1
  0h n0
  The Serum Run
  Shikaku Madness (Game with Area)
  Simon (Listening Game) (Use IE)
  Sugar Sugar (at ABCYa)
  Think Outside The Flock (at Hooda Math)
  Tic Tac Toe (at iCompute)

  Build A Neighbourhood (at PBS)
  Build Planet Earth (at GeoGames)
  Countries of Europe (at Purpose Games)
  Counties of Ireland Jigsaw (at
  Europe Puzzles (at Toporopa)
  Every Last Drop (Water Conservation)
  Flags Of The World (at Taking It Global)
  Global Closet Calculator (at National Geographic)
  Irish Counties Map Quiz (at Lizardpoint)
  Map Crunch (Explore Google Street Views)
  Recycling Game (at BBC)
  Rubbish Challenge
  Seterra (Map Quizzes)
  Shape It Up (Erosion Simulator)
  Stateris Map Games
  Tip Tank (at Water: Use It Wisely)

  Dig It! (Bronze Age at (Use IE)
  Explore Ancient Egypt (Interactive Tour)
  Gladiator Dressed To Kill (at BBC)
  Know Your Numerals (Roman Numeral Bingo)
  Make A Roman Mosaic
  The Three Pyramids (at National Museums of Scotland)
  Timeline Maker (at Classtools.Net)

  Addition Blocks Game
  Add Like Mad (at Active Maths)
  Add Like Mad (at Sheppard Software)(Use IE)
  Alien Addition (at Arcademic Skill Builders)
  Angle Estimation Game (Flash Version) (Use IE)
  Angle Estimation Game (Non-Flash Version)
  Banana Hunt
  Bang On Time (at Top Marks) (Use IE)
  Base Ten Fun (at ABCYa!)
  Billy Bug (at Cool Science Lab)
  Billy Bug 2 (at Cool Science Lab)
  Circus Towers (at
  Connect 3 (Directed Numbers Game) (Use IE)
  Crazy Cafe
  Deep Sea Duel (at Illuminations)
  Dino Dig (at Count On)
  Eat The Ghost (at Sheppard Software) (Use IE)
  Einstein's Math Pyramid (at Digi Puzzle)
  Equivalence (at ICT Games)
  Equivalent Fractions Game (at (Use IE)
  Euro Coin Exchange (at Teaching Money)
  Fraction Matcher
  Ghostblasters (at Top Marks))
  Give A Dog A Bone (at Primary Games)
  Liquid Measure Problems (at
  Half Or Not Half (at Snappy
  Halves and Quarters Interactive (at Snappy
  Mission 2110 Roboidz Angles Game (at BBC Bitesize)
  Mixpressions (at Maths Puzzles)
  Money Master (at Maths Is Fun)
  Mostly Postie! (Weigh Parcels and Letters)
  Number Trains (at Scootle)
  Pick and Mix
  Powerlines (Addition Puzzles)
  Read the Weight (at ICT Games)
  Robo Packer (at Eduplace)
  Shark Numbers (at ICT Games)
  Sum Sense - Multiplication (at Cool Science Lab)
  Tables Test
  A Tangled Web (at Manga High)
  Tessalation Creator (at Illuminations)
  Tessalations Using Equilateral Triangles (at Scootle)
  Time Travel - Learn to Tell Time (at ABCYa)

  Build A Soundscape (at Wild Music)
  Compose Music (at Arts Alive) (Use IE)
  Perfect Pitch (Musical Instruments)
  Quincy and the Magic Instruments
  World Music Composer (at National Museum of Scotland)

  Move Mixer (Dance Creation Tool)
  Robo Boogie
  Robo Dancers: Do The Strictly

  Health and Growth (at BBC) (Use IE)
  The Wild Web Woods
  Antarctic Food Web Game
  Become a Forest Expert (at The Forest Academy)
  Extreme Planet Makeover (at Calif. Inst. of Technology)
  Feed The Dingo (Ecosystem Game)
  Food Chain Game (Use IE)
  Gorilla (Angles & Forces Game)
  Habitats (st Smithsonian Science)
  Human And Animal Habitats (at ABPI Schools)
  Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (at BBC)
  PhET Circuit Construction Kit
  Protective Colouration Game (at Meddy Bemps)






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Activity Finders
  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

Activity Directories
  Class (Ireland)
  Change Gamer
  Dove Whisper Computer Center
  Interactive Elementary Math Lessons
  Interactive Sites for Education
  Johnnie's Math Page
  Kindersite Interactive Games
  Literacy Zone Interactive English Activities
  Literacy Zone Interactive Stories for Kids
  Map Games Directory (at Change Gamer)
  Maths Zone Interactive Maths Activities
  Primary Games Arena
  Science Zone
  Show Me (Games from UK Museums & Galleries)
  Top Marks Games
  Top Marks Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  Utah Ed.Network Math Interacives (Gr K-2)
  Utah Ed.Network Math Interacives (Gr 3-6)
  Water - Use It Wisely (Games and Links)

Activity Collections
  American Chemistry Society Games
  A Plus Click (Math and Logic Problems)
  Arkive Fun Stuff (Science/Nature)
  BBC Magic Keys (Literacy Activities)
  BBC Science Clips
  BBC Skillswise
  Big Brown Bear Software
  Block Games (at Creating
  Bobinogs (at BBC)
  Brain Games (at Sheppard Software)
  Brain Pop
  British Council (Games for Learning English)
  Building Language for Literacy (at Scholastic)
  The Cat in the Hat Games (at PBS Games)
  CBeebies Games (at BBC)
  Classics For Kids Music Games
  Climate Kids (Climate Change Games at Nasa)
  Cluichí Teanga (ag an BBC)
  Colgate Kids Games
  Count On
  Count Us In (Maths Games)
  Crayola Games & Fun
  Crickweb Interactive Resources
  Dabbledoo Music Activities
  Data Games
  Digi Puzzle (Assorted Games and Activities)
  DreamBox (Interactive Maths Activities)
  Ducksters Educational Games
  Ecokids Interactive Games
  E-Lab Animated Interactive Maths Tutorials
  Encyclopaedia Britannica Games Collection
  Flash Maths
  Food Group Games (at Nourish Interactive)
  Fun Brain Kids Center
  Fun English Games
  Geography Games (at Purpose Games)
  Geography Games for Kids
  Getty Art Games
  Hooda Maths Games
  ICT Games (Literacy)
  ICT Games (Numeracy)
  Illuminations (Maths Games and Activities)
  Inclusive Games (at Help Kidz Learn)
  IXL - Graded Maths Activities (Not Free)
  The Jigsaw Puzzles
  Jigzone (Jigsaws)
  Kidpsych Interactive Games (Ages 1 to 5)
  Kidpsych Interactive Games (Ages 6 to 9)
  Kinetic City (Science Activities)
  Knowledge Builder Games (at Maths Adventures)
  Koiwiki (Ecology Games for Smart Kids)
  KS1 Bitesize Maths and Literacy Activities (at BBC)
  KS2 Bitesize English/Maths/Science Activities (at BBC)
  Learning Chocolate Vocabulary Games
  Legends Of Learning (Science Games)
  Literacy Center Education Network
  Lizard Point Map Quizzes
  Mangahigh (Graded Maths Activities)
  Many Online Games
  Math Chimp
  Mapzone Games (At Ordnance Survey UK)
  Martha Speaks Games (at PBS)
  Math Games
  Math Game Time
  Mathletics - Graded Maths Activities (Not Free)
  Math Pickle (Puzzles and Games)
  Math Playground
  Maths For Kids
  Maths Frame - KS2 Games and Resources
  Maths Puzzles
  Matific (Math Activities for K-6)
  Museum of London History Games
  Music Teacher Quizzes, Games and Exercises
  Nasa Kids Club
  National Geographic Kids Games
  Nature Detectives Online Games
  NGA Kids Art Zone
  Novel Games
  Number Games (at BBC)
  Oswego City Schools Interactive Maths Games
  Oswego City Schools Math Magician
  NY Philharmonic Kids Games Room
  Pauly's Playhouse
  PBS Kids Games
  PBS Kids Cyberchase Games
  PBS Kids Whiteboard Games
  Peep and the Big Wide World
  Planet Arcade (at NOAA)
  Primary Games Arena
  Primary Interactive
  Puzzle Games
  Puzzle Monster
  Reading Friend Games and Activities
  Reading Planet Games
  Road To Grammar
  Room Recess
  Science Lives Here (at The Royal Institution)
  Science Museum Games
  Science of Music (at Exploratorium)
  Science World Games
  Seterra Geography Games
  Seussville (Dr. Seuss Games)
  Sheppard Software Math Collection
  Smart-Kit (School-Safe Puzzle Games)
  Smarty Games
  Smithsonian Resources
  Snappy Maths
  Snas ar Scéal (Cluichí)
  Solve Mall (Word Games)
  Solve Me - Maths Puzzles
  Student Interactives (at Read Write Think)
  Super Maths World
  Tate Kids (at Tate Gallery)
  Teaching Money (Games)
  Telletubbies Games
  TES iBoard
  Tiny Tap
  Toporopa (Geography Games)
  Toy Theater
  TRTÉ Games
  24/7 Science Games and Activities
  Ultimate Arcade Games
  Vocabulary Learning Fun
  Water: Use It Wisely - Games Collection
  Where's Waldo?
  Word Central Games
  World Geography Games
  XP Math Games
  Ziggity Zoom
Themed Activity Collections
  Christmas Activities (at Interactive Sites for Ed.)
  Easter Activities (at Interactive Sites for Ed.)
  Halloween Activities (at Interactive Sites for Ed.)
  Winter Activities (at Interactive Sites for Ed.)

Live Competitive Activities (with Real Opponents)
  Arcademic Skill Builders (Live)
  Calculation Nation (Log In Required)
  GeoSense (Live)
  Moshi Monsters (Live Competition)

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